Council Registers

The following registers are public registers related to elected members and staff.


Delegations help us make our daily decisions in a timely and consistent manner. Under the Local Government Act 1995, the Council can delegate authority and powers to the CEO. The CEO can then delegate power or duties to employees where applicable.

The Council reviews the delegations register annually – this register shows who has been granted delegated authority or authorisation for certain activities.

Delegations register can be viewed here

Elected Member Training

Under Section 5.127 of the Local Government Act 1995, we publish the training completed by Elected Members in the financial year.

2022-23 Financial Year

2021-22 Financial Year

2020-21 Financial Year

2019-20 Financial Year

Gift & Travel

The Gift Register contains those disclosures of gifts that have been made by Elected Members and the Chief Executive Officer in their official capacity which are valued more than $300 or are two or more gifts with a cumulative value more than $300 (where the gifts are received from the same donor in a 12-month period).

The Local Government Act 1995 requires the Chief Executive Officer to publish an up-to-date version of the Gifts Register on the Shire's website within 10 days after a disclosure is made.

The Shire's gift register prior to 2022 is in a hard copy format and available for viewing at the Shire's Administration office.

2023 Gift Register

2022 Gift Register

Electoral Gifts

The Local Government Act 1995 requires electoral candidates to disclose receipt of gifts valued at more than $200

Current Gift Register - Electoral


The tender register shows current and awarded tenders from 2019. Get in touch with our governance team for a printable version. Visit our procurement portal for current tenders.

Tender register can be viewed here

Council Complaints & Minor Breaches

The Local Government Act 1995 requires a Complaint Register to be maintained. This register records all complaints that result in a finding under section 5.110(2)(a) where a minor breach has occurred.

The register of complaints is to include, for each recorded complaint:

  • Name of the council member about whom the complaint is made
  • Name of the person who makes the complaint
  • Description of the minor breach that the standards panel finds has occurred
  • Details of the action taken under section 5.110(6).

The CEO must publish an up-to-date version of the register of complaints on the local government’s official website.

Complaints register can be viewed here

Annual & Primary returns

Register of Elected Member Annual Returns 2021-2022

Register of Elected Member Annual Returns 2022-2023

Register of CEO and Designated Employees Annual and Primary Returns 2022-2023

Declaration of Interest

Declaration of Interest Register