Electors Meetings

People sitting in chairs looking at a presenter

Electors Meetings – General

General Electors Meetings are held annually, as required by the Local Government Act 1995.

The General Electors Meeting addresses the Annual Report and any other general business.

The Chief Executive Officer must provide 14 days’ notice of an Electors Meeting to the public and Council.

Electors Meetings – Special

Special Electors Meetings are held if requested by:

  • 100 electors or 5% of the number of electors (whichever is the lesser number); or
  • 1/3 of the number of Councillors, to discuss a specific topic.

A request for a Special Electors Meeting must:

  • Be addressed to the Mayor or Shire President; and
  • Specify the matters to be discussed at the meeting; and
  • Contain the information and be in the form as prescribed by the Local Government (Administration) Registrations 1996, namely Form 1 

Local Government (Administration) Registrations 1996