Projects, Engineering & Assets

Projects, Engineering & Assets are a collective of four core business units within the Shire of Capel that are responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Projects - Oversees most of the major capital projects for the Shire of Capel, with tasks including grant funding acquisition and management, project management, design review and overall WH&S compliance and adherence for all associated works listed above.
  • Engineering - Responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the Shires Infrastructure including roads, bridges, right of ways, footpaths, car parks, drainage and general subdivision review and oversight.
  • Building Facilities – Responsible for the minor capital and ongoing renewal and upgrade scheduled maintenance of all the Shires built form. In addition to this they also manage the cleaning contract for all Shire facilities and public conveniences.
  • Assets – Responsible for the management of all Shire asset data that is used to plan and coordinate the financial modelling of maintenance plans, budgets, and long-term financial plans to ensure a sustainable application of funding across all asset classes. This ensures the useful life of all assets are managed and sustained using best practice within available budget allocations.   


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