Arial shot of various cars in a car parkCurrently the Shire does not have any paid parking bays.

You can avoid a parking fine by observing zoning and signage and parking your vehicle wholly within a designated parking bay.   

You should not:

  • Park on footpaths
  • Park on the Shire’s parks and reserves
  • Expect exclusive usage of street parking (this includes Dalyellup Street parking).

    You should not park or stop:

    • In a disabled parking bay unless you have an ACROD permit clearly displayed
    • Inan area designated for buses or taxes
    • In areas designated as ‘No Stopping’ or in a ‘Loading Zone’ unless in a commercial vehicle and you are loading goods
    • Over a footpath, traffic island or median strip
    • Facing on-coming traffic (i.e. on the wrong side of the road)
    • On a verge unless you have the permission of the abutting resident
    • Within 10 metres of an intersection or corner
    • Within 3 metres of an unbroken dividing line or median strip
    • In a way that obstructs other road users or pedestrians.

      If you receive an infringement and believe you have exceptional circumstances for appeal, you may do so with the following form:


      School Parking and Signage

      The Shire Rangers regularly patrol our school parking zones. Main Roads WA are responsible for all signage repairs and requests.

      Find your school parking map below:



      Dalyellup College



      More information on Safe School Parking

      We encourage all our residents to use our footpaths to walk and ride to school. To ensure safety of all users, we have zero tolerance to parking on footpaths. Our children should not be made to walk on roads.

      Parking in ACROD

      Only current ACROD holders are permitted to park within the allocated areas. ACROD Bays all have clear signage indicating this.

      You must never use an ACROD bay unless you are a valid permit holder, not even for ‘2-minutes’.

      If you receive an infringement for Parking in a disabled bay, and you believe you are eligible for withdrawal please submit an infringement review form.