Development Approval

All applicants are encouraged to get in touch with the Shire’s Planning Officers to determine whether a Development Application is required for the proposed development.

Enquiries to the Planning Officers are invited to be made concerning the use and development of your land, via appointment, either in person or by phone on 08 9727 0222.

Alternatively, email enquiries may be directed to

What is Development Approval?

A Development Approval is a legal document permitting the usage or development of a particular piece of land.

Development may include construction of a house, shed, undertaking a home business, or a change to the use of an existing building.

A development approval is separate to a building permit and in many instances, both a development approval and a building permit are required prior to the commencement of development.

Development Approval Process

Development assessment is an important way to ensure that the strategic objectives set by Council are achieved through individual planning proposals.

The central document which guides the Shire’s development assessment process is Local Planning Scheme No.8. Development assessment seeks to ensure that the eventual built form of the Shire is undertaken in a manner that promotes and safeguards the health, safety, economic and general welfare of its residents and to conserve the natural environment.

The Scheme sets out the various zones within the Shire, as well as establishing where various types of development and land use can occur.

The Scheme also provides specific development standards for particular types of development and provides the Shire the ability to prepare and adopt Local Planning Policy to deal with more specific matters.

Lodging a Development Application

The Shire encourages development applications to be lodged electronically, however they may also be lodged in person. Applications may be lodged via one of the following means:

Email –

Shire Administration Building – 31 Forrest Road, Capel

The Shire’s Officers will be able to assist should there be any difficulties in lodging an application electronically.

Please refer to the following links when making a planning application:

Development Application Information Sheet

Plan Requirements Information Sheet

Application Form for Development Approval

Development Approval Information Sheet

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