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The Council consists of nine Councillors elected by the community of the Shire of Capel.

Councillors are responsible for representing the interests of residents, providing leadership and guidance in decision-making.  Committees of Council and other working groups enable informed decision-making by providing a broad range of advice to the Council.

We want to respond to your query as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your concern relates to a works request or other Shire operations, please contact Shire Administration at or call 9727 0222.

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Councillor Doug Kitchen headshot

Cr Doug Kitchen

Shire President

Cr Kitchen is a fourth generation Dairy Farmer here in the Shire of Capel. An electrician by trade and small business owner, Doug has been involved with many local community groups and is an active member of the Elgin Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

Elected to Council in 2017, Doug was awarded the 2019 WALGA Diploma of Local Government Scholarship, with completion in 2021.

In October 2021, Doug was elected President of the Shire of Capel.

Doug has enjoyed representing the Shire on the local and regional stage, having established regular meetings with Shire/City counterparts and Local MPs. Doug also enjoys conducting citizenship ceremonies and welcoming Australia’s newest citizens to our district. He values the diverse offering of lifestyle, primary Ag and natural beauty the district has to offer.

Term expires 2025

Call 0427 949 381

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Cr Sebastian Schiano

Deputy Shire President

Cr Schiano was first elected as a Shire of Capel Councillor as a young 18 year old in 2015, and is nearing the end of his second term. Over the past two terms, Sebastian has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be part of something bigger than himself by contributing to the strategic direction of our Shire and its communities and provide opportunities needed to help young people achieve their goals locally. Sebastian wants to ensure that we remain the lifestyle of choice in the South West.

Initially, Cr Schiano wanted to ensure that young people had a voice in Local Government and although his goals and ambitions have evolved, he still feels the same passion to ensure a strong future for all residents.

Term expires 2023

Call 0404 021 129

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Cr Kaara Andrew Headshot

Cr Kaara Andrew

Cr Andrew has been a Shire resident for the majority of her life and chose to raise her family here. She decided to nominate for council as she felt the need to diversify the representation of women on the Council. Cr Andrew is nearing the end of her first term as a Shire of Capel councillor.

Cr Andrew endeavours to bring a more environmentally sustainable direction to the Council and increased accountability of the Executive Team. She also likes the ability to advocate for better local resources and opportunities.

The Shire’s coastline and natural environment are Cr Andrew’s favourite parts of Capel. She finds that being a Councillor is incredibly rewarding but has learnt that you’ll never please everyone.

Term expires 2023

Call 0433 802 192

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Cr Ashley Dillon Headshot

Cr Ashley Dillon

Cr Dillon (Dillo) is a born and bred Capel local and decided to run for Shire of Capel Council to give something back to the community he genuinely loves and is currently half way through his first term after being elected in 2021. Dillo enjoys being able to help the residents across a variety of matters and his involvement on various community committees.

Dillo’s advice to those thinking about nominating to become a Councillor is not to go into it lightly because to do the role justice, you will need to be all in. Remember you’re representing the entire Shire, not just one locality.

Term expires 2025

Call 0438 089 378

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Cr Peter McCleery Headshot

Cr Peter McCleery

Cr McCleery is in his fourth term as a Shire of Capel Councillor having first been elected in 2009, he was re-elected in 2013 & 2017 before taking a short two year break and is half way through his current term after being elected in 2021.

Peter was the founding President of the Dalyellup Surf Lifesaving Club in 2009 and has remained a prominent figure within the community since. Peter has enjoyed being educated on the full magnitude of what the Shire does and being able to guide the Shire direction with his fellow Councillors and Shire Officers. The experience he has gained through his professional career, community engagement and time served on Council guide his decisions for the Shire of Capel.

If you are considering running in the upcoming election, Cr McCleery recommends taking the time to understand the role, complete the training and ask questions of Councillors and Shire Officers.

Term expires 2025

Call 0481 057 210

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Cr Rosina Mogg headshot

Cr Rosina Mogg

Cr Mogg is nearing the end of her first term as a Shire of Capel Councillor after being elected in 2019. Being able to represent the residents of the Shire was the main reason Cr Mogg decided to run for Council.

Cr Mogg has a fondness for Gelorup, the community where she resides however Rosina appreciates the Shire in its entirety due to the diverse lifestyles on offer and the natural environment we’re lucky enough to enjoy.

Being a Councillor has afforded Cr Mogg the opportunity to be involved with the local residents through community groups, sporting clubs, Citizenship Ceremonies, local events, where she has a strong focus on communication, strong governance of Shire assets (capital & natural) and promotion of the Shire.

Term expires 2023

Call 0418 954 705

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Cr Keiran Noonan headshot

Cr Kieran Noonan

Cr Noonan had considered running as a Councillor for a few years and it was the announcement of the BORR through the Gelorup Corridor that was the final indication that he should run for Council and he is coming to the end of his current term after being elected in 2019.

Kieran believes being a Shire of Capel Councillor is a privilege that allows him to gain insight into future plans and opportunities for the Shire. It also comes with great responsibility to ensure the best outcomes for the entire Shire and that is often the challenge.

For those considering running for Council, Cr Noonan encourages you to bring your enthusiasm and vision for an even better Shire and give it a go.

Term expires 2023

Call 0476 197 988

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Cr Christine Terrantroy headshot

Cr Christine Terrantroy

Cr Terrantroy is half way through her first term as a Shire of Capel Councillor after being elected in 2021. Christine and her husband built their family home in Dalyellup.  Outside of Council, Christine is a schoolteacher, Justice of the Peace, and volunteers in the wider Bunbury area.  She has volunteered in every community she has lived in, including the Shire of Capel before becoming an Elected Member.

Christine enjoys making a positive difference in the community, attending community events and being able to engage with residents on what matters most to them.

Cr Terrantroy further demonstrates her community mindedness by the role she plays as an Elected Member.  She enjoys everything about being a councillor and opportunities to attend Citizenship Ceremonies and other community events held throughout the Shire.  She values working alongside other councillors and networking with councillors from other districts at WALGA conventions, council training and workshops.

Term expires 2025

Call 0438 392 949

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