Boundaries & Verges

CrossoversDrone photo of Dalyellup showing fencing and driveways

A crossover is a vehicle pathway that connects your property to the edge of the road. The Shire can help you understand and navigate the approvals process which you need to complete before you start works to crossover.  

Vehicle crossovers must be constructed in accordance with the Shire of Capel Information Sheet for Residential Crossovers, the Local Government Act (1995) and subsidiary legislation.  

Download the Local Government Act (1995) for more information.  

Call 08 9727 0222 or email to speak with a Technical Officer for help lodging your crossover application. 

Dividing Fences

Dividing fences are covered by the Dividing Fences Act 1961

Visit the Department of Mines and Industry Regulations website for information outlining the process for sharing costs and determining boundaries between neighbours. 

Processes for resolving a dividing fence matter are outlined on the Department of Mines and Industry Regulations website. The Shire of Capel does not provide a service to assist with fencing disputes. 

What is a dividing fence under the Act?

A dividing fence is a ‘sufficient fence’ that separates the land of different owners, whether on the common boundary of adjoining lands or in a line other than the common boundary. 

A sufficient fence is described as:

  • a fence prescribed by local law of the relevant local government; or
  • a fence agreed upon by adjoining owners provided that it complies with the relevant local law. 

Where no local law exists or no agreement is made, a sufficient fence is:

  • a substantial fence that is ordinarily capable of resisting the trespass of cattle and sheep; or
  • a fence determined by a court.

If you erect a dividing fence of a higher standard than a sufficient fence before obtaining the agreement of the adjoining owner, you may only claim half the cost of erecting and maintaining a sufficient fence as defined above.  

Shire of Capel Fencing Local Law

Shire requirements for sufficient fencing are outlined in the Shire of Capel Fencing Local Law, 2016.