Capel Waste Transfer Station

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As a resident or ratepayer, you have access to a variety of recycling and waste disposal services. These services are designed to complement your regular bin collection and include options that are free or come with a small fee.

E-Waste - Electronic Waste

- is accepted at the Waste Transfer Station.

 HHW - Hazardous Household Waste

- Dispose of compressed gas cans, pesticides, paints, and chemicals safely at the BHRC Waste Management Facility, located on Stanley Road, Australind.

- Batteries of all types are accepted at our waste transfer station 79 Range Road. Capel.

Our goal is to make recycling and safe disposal as easy as possible for you.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Program Flyer

Recycle Right

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  • Use the search features to find hard to recycle waste and where the nearest drop off point is.

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Capel Waste Transfer Station-

79 Range Road, Capel WA 6271

The Waste Transfer Station is open on all Public Holidays except Good Friday and Christmas Day.

No cash. EFTPOS or Tip Passes only.

Proof of residency is required as no commercial waste is accepted.

Opening Hours




9:30am–5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)


9:30am–5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)






9:30am–5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)


9:30am–5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)


9:30am–5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)


Fees & Charges

Refuse Bag (no bigger than 0.06m3) 8
Wheelie Bin (0.24m3) 16
General Waste Car/Small Ute (0.52m3) 27
General Waste Ute/Trailer/Small Truck (<0.64m3) 33
Large Ute/ Large Trailer above 0.64m3/small truck (non-commercial) 46
Car  18
Truck 34
Non-degassed 20
Degassed with certificate Free
Flattened Free
Non-flattened (trailer 0.64m3) 14
CRT or tube TV 20
LCD or Plasma TV, stereo or other larger electrical item


Other E-Waste including Computers Free 
Other Waste (per item)  
Car Bodies, trailers, small boats 38
Truck Bodies 68
Rubble/m3 (Clean fill only) 60
Rubble (trailer 0.64m3) 34
Wood (1 trailer 0.64m3) 20
Mattress (inner spring) 70
Oil Free
Scrap metal Free
Glass Free
Co-mingle recycling Free
Green Waste  
Car or Utility vehicle (Load size 0 - 1.0 m3) 16
Trailer 6X4 or 7x5 - no sides (Load size 0 - 1.0 m3) 16
Trailer 6x4 or 7x5 with sides (Load size 1.0 - 2.5 m3) 23
Trailer 8x5 - no sides (Load size 1.0 - 2.5 m3) 23
Trailer 8x5 - with sides or small truck (Load size 2.5 - 5.0 m3) 46
Truck (Load size > 5.0 m3) 65
Household hazardous/per litre 14
This Facility does not accept the following types of waste:

Asbestos (in any form)

Animal carcasses & other animal wastes

Commercial wastes

Gas bottles & vehicle LPG tanks

Household hazardous waste e.g. paint & chemicals

Liquid wastes other than waste engine oil

Medical or quarantine wastes

Septic, sewerage or sanitary wastes

Tyres on rims

Wastes from non-Shire residents


Florescent Lights

Fire Extinguishers



Conditions of Entry

  • No commercial waste accepted
  • Residents only, proof of address required
  • Enclosed shoes and appropriate clothing to be worn at all times
  • No aggressive behavior
  • Children and animals must stay in the vehicle at all times
  • Treat staff with respect
  • Obey speed limits
  • You are responsible for moving waste from your vehicle to the correct bins
  • No machinery onsite to assist with removal

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