Committees of Council

Committees of Council are established to consider specific aspects of a local government’s operation. Committees then make recommendations to the full council, or if provided the delegation as per Section 5.16 of the Local Government Act 1995 may make decisions on behalf of Council.


Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for the annual external audit and liaises with the auditors so that Council can review organisation performance and financial management.


Cr McCleery - Chair

Cr Mogg – Deputy Chair

Cr Kitchen

Cr Terrantroy

Cr Dillon

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

The Bush Fire Service comprises 5 Brigades whose members are all trained volunteers. Council seeks input from these members via the Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC) on matters relating to bush fire prevention and control.


Chief Bush Fire Control Officer-Chris Scott

Deputy Bush Fire Control Officer (Central)-Barry Bell

Deputy Bush Fire Control Officer (North)-Jeff McDougall

Deputy Bush Fire Control Officer (East)-Daniel Tait

Deputy Bush Fire Control Officer (South)-Mark Roberts

Boyanup Brigade-Don Wetherall

Capel Brigade-Trevor James

Elgin Brigade-Brad Scott

Gelorup Brigade-Neil Rowlandson

Stirling Brigade-Ian Cocker

Council Delegate-Cr Kitchen

Council Proxy-Cr Dillon

Climate Change Adaptation & Sustainability Committee

The Committee held its first meeting on 9 June 2010, following a May 2008 decision to establish a Climate Change Policy Committee. Originally concerned only with the development of a policy on climate change initiatives for endorsement by Council, the scope of the Committee has now broadened.


Cr McCleery

Cr Schiano

Cr Fergusson

Cr Sharp

Cr Mogg

Capel Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Committee was established to provide advice to the Shire of Capel in relation to the growth and development of the Capel business and economy, as well as the generation of local employment opportunities within the community. 

The committee consists of:

  • 3 Elected Council Members
  • 2 Government Agency representatives
  • 2 Business Associations
  • 3 Local Business Representatives.


Councillor - Chair-Cr McCleery

Councillor-Cr Noonan 

Councillor - Deputy-Cr Fergusson

Councillor – Proxy - Cr Schiano

South West Development Commission Representative:-Pip Kirby

Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry:-Julie Broad

Regional Development Australia (Sout West) Representative:-Charles Jenkinson

CEO, Bunbury Geographe Economic Alliance:- Brant Edwards

President, Capel Chamber of Commerce:-George Goldner

Local Business Representative, Bendigo Bank:- Cassandra Armstrong

Local Business Representative, Iluka: - Garry Green

Local Business Representative, Boyanup Store:-Alan McGeoch

CEO Performance & Remuneration Committee

The Committee is established to assist in the process of the performance and remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Council.

External Committees

Boyanup Foundation                                                          

Cr Mogg and Cr Kitchen

Boyanup Hall Committee                                                  

Cr Kitchen and Cr Dillon

Boyanup Memorial Park and Sports Council                      

Cr Dillon and Cr Terrantroy

Boyanup Progress Association                                          

Cr Schiano

Capel Chamber of Commerce                                          

Cr Fergusson and Deputy Cr Schiano

Capel Land Conservation District Committee                  

Cr Sharp and Deputy Cr Kitchen

Development Assessment Panel (DAP)              

Cr McCleery and Cr Fergusson, Deputy Cr Schiano and Deputy Cr Noonan

Disability Access and Inclusion Reference Group             

Cr Kitchen and Cr Sharp

GeoCatch (Geographe Catchment Council)                      

Cr Fergusson and Deputy Cr McCleery

Gelorup Community Centre Management                          

Cr Sharp and Deputy Cr Dillon

Local Emergency Management Committee                      

Shire President, Cr Kitchen (Chair), Cr Dillon and Cr Sharp

Peppermint Grove Beach Community Association            

Cr Fergusson

Peron Naturaliste Partnership                                            

Cr Fergusson and Deputy – Cr Noonan

State Administrative Tribunal (SAT)                                  

Cr Kitchen and Cr Mogg

South West Regional Road Group                                     

Cr McCleery and Deputy, Cr Mogg

South West Zone WA Local Government Association               

Shire President, Cr Kitchen and Cr Terrantroy

Trails Working Group                                                     

Cr Noonan and Deputy Cr Kitchen


Previous Minutes & Agendas can be found here