Local Planning Strategy

aerial photo of beach community, carpark and hill

Our Local Planning Strategy (the strategy) sets out the vision and a framework for long-term planning and development.

The strategy maps out the proposed changes to land use and development for the next 15 years.

Part 1 The Strategy 

Part 2 Local Profile 


Why is a local planning strategy necessary?

We use a strategic planning and local planning framework to provide a plan for future growth including:

  • Townsite strategies for the Capel, Boyanup and Peppermint Grove Beach land use strategy
  • Structure plans for urban expansion areas within Capel, Boyanup and Dalyellup
  • Supporting technical studies.

Our local planning strategy consolidates all this information into a single plan so we can have a clear strategy for future land use and development.

This strategy supports our strategic community plan and legal obligations under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015

What is the local planning strategy?

The local planning strategy addresses a broad range of issues related to land use, planning and development:

  • Improvement in community engagement in land use planning
  • Consolidation/further growth of Dalyellup as a district centre and Capel and Boyanup town sites
  • Consolidation of existing urban and rural residential communities in Gelorup, Peppermint Grove Beach, Stratham and North Boyanup
  • Protecting our heritage
  • Expanding employment and tourism opportunities
  • Protecting environmental and coastal assets
  • Managing natural resources – like water and strategic minerals
  • Managing rural and agricultural areas
  • Protecting the community from natural hazards like bushfire and flooding
  • Protecting the community from potentially hazardous land use
  • Protecting and enhancing essential and community infrastructure
  • Promoting opportunities for young people and seniors.