Honorary Freeman of the Shire of Capel

The title of Honorary Freeman is the most prestigious award the Shire of Capel can place on an individual.

The award recognises meritorious service of an individual to the community of the Shire. 

Honorary Freeman in the Shire of Capel                              

Maidment         Ronald Leuwin Royston   1984
Brockman         Francis Edward 1984
Scott                  Earl Eugene Augustus  1984
Spurr                   William Allen   1992
Kitchen              John Samuel Andrew 1992
Sanders             Laurence Julian Hamilton   1992
Scott                  Walter                                             1992
Scott                  William Clifton 1999
Smith                 Margaret Merea Jean 2009
Scott                  Murray Thomas    2021
Tichbon             Michael Jerome  2023

A photo of one lady and three men standing in a line, the sun in shining

Photo [Left to right]: Margaret Smith - Honorary Freeman, Michael Tichbon - Honorary Freeman, William (Bill) Spur - Honorary Freeman, Shire President Doug Kitchen, Shire CEO Gordon MacMile, on the day Michael Tichbon received his award.

January 26, 2023