Your property might not have deep sewerage infrastructure servicing the area. We can help you with your on-site wastewater disposal system.

Waste water system dig into a large ditch

To ascertain the most appropriate onsite effluent disposal system for your property, contact a licensed plumber.

The type and size of the system will depend on site details including:

  • Scale of development
  • The volume of wastewater produced
  • Type of soil
  • Proximity of water bodies or groundwater.

Contact the Water Corporation to determine whether deep sewer is available.

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Onsite Effluent Disposal - Information Sheet


Waste water systen

For residential properties using less than 540L wastewater per day, an application must be made to the Shire for approval to install system. Once the system has been approved to construct and subsequently installed, the Shire’s Environmental Health Officers must undertake an inspection of the system before it can be issued an approval in the form a Permit to Use.

A number of approved systems can be chosen from, however, the system must meet the required environmental conditions and volume capacity of the proposed residence.

For more information on the different types of systems please refer to the Department of Health WA website or contact a licensed plumber for advice.

Application To Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage


Effluent disposal for larger residences over five bedrooms or a commercial premise requires approval from the Department of Health WA.Commercial wastewater system

The Shire accepts a referral fee and the Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage form on behalf of the Department of Health (DoH). The application is submitted to the DoH along with a supporting report prepared by the Shire.


Please contact the Department of Health WA for guidance on the application and approval of a commercial system.

The application must be submitted, and approval received, before installing the system. A Permit to Use must be obtained prior to using the system.

Guidance on applying for approval of installation of a commercial onsite wastewater system


There are times when you will be required to either connect to deep sewer or amend or replace your existing onsite effluent disposal system, in these instances, the old septic system is required to be decommissioned. You can see more information on decommissioning on the Department of Health website.   

A contractor carries out the works and sends notification of the decommissioning of a septic apparatus to the Shire’s Health Services and property records are updated. If you need plans of an existing septic system, contact the Shire and we can check if they are held on file.

Decommissioning of a Septic Apparatus Form 

Septic Plans

There are times when you will require a copy of the septic plans for your residence to undertake plumbing works. Contact the Shires Health services and they will attempt to assist with all of your septic plan needs.

The Government Sewerage Policy 2019 refers to Australian and New Zealand standard: Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management – AS/NZS 1547:2012.  Please contact an Environmental Health Officer from our team for advice on if a Site and Soil report will be required

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Government Sewerage Policy (2019)