Cat Information

ranger holding a cat Infront of cages in pound

The Shire requires all cats 6 months and older to be registered, microchipped, and sterilized, in line with The Cat Act 2011.


The registered owner of a cat must be at least 18 years old. Cats may be registered for one year, three years or a lifetime.

Cat Rego Form

Cat Registration Fees

Sterilized Cat $20 (1 Year)
$42,50 (3 Years)
$100 (Lifetime)
Concession Pensioner (P) 1/2 Of Registration Fee

If you change ownership, or move houses, you must notify the Shire so we can update records.

You can do so with the following form:

Change of Details Form

How to Pay

You can call 08 9727 0222 and pay over the phone.

Or you can visit us within the Shire’s administration building and pay in person.

Fees are located on the bottom of the Registration Form

registration forms sitting on counter

Responsible Cat Ownership

To protect not only your cat but our native fauna, you must ensure your cat:

  • Is confined to your property
  • Is registered and microchip details are up to date
  • Cats are prohibited from certain areas.

The Shire also has a maximum of how many cats you can have at one property.

The maximum number of cats allowed without a permit is two.

To apply for a permit to keep more than two cats, submit the below form and pay any applicable fees at the Shire’s administration building.

 Keep extra cats application form

Nuisance Cats

You may choose not to own a cat, but your neighbour’s cats keep coming into your garden or around your home to dig and spray.

Cats spray to mark their territory and your carefully mulched, loamy garden soil is an attractive toilet for a cat.

Other people’s unwanted pets on your property are annoying and can be a source of tension between neighbours.

How can you keep their cats out without harming the animals?

Cat Information Brochure- Nuisance Cats

Cat Traps

The Shire has traps available for residents to hire for their property for limited periods of time.

There are requirements when hiring a trap, including notifying your neighbouring properties of trapping underway and signing an animal welfare waiver.

Trapped animals MUST ALWAYS be treated humanely.

To book a cat trap, you can go through the shire office.

A fully refundable $150 bond is payable upon collection of traps. Shire Rangers will only be available to collect at certain times and will only collect cats secured within a trap.

Domestic Animal Trap Disclaimer Form 

Impounded Cats

In the first instance, the Shire will always try and unite animals with their owners. If a domestic cat is trapped

  1. If the owner is identified, we issue a seizure notice and you will have seven (7) working days to collect your cat. There are fees applicable.
  2. Unregistered cats must be microchipped, sterilised and registered before the Shire will release animals.
  3. If an animal is not identified, we will issue details on our website.

    If cats are not claimed, the Shire will assess for rehoming in line with legislation.

    You can view our current impounded animals via the link below:

    Impounded Pets

    Pets Away, Possums Play

    The Shire has partnered with Geocatch and Southwest Catchments to promote the installation of Catios for our feline friends.

    Responsible owners keep their cats safe, and in turn, protect our native wildlife.

    Information on GeoCatch’s ‘Pets Away, Possums Play’ can be found on the GeoCatch website, including cool tips and ideas on cat containment.