Plan for the Future 

The Shire of Capel’s Plan for the Future incorporates our Strategic Community Plan (2023 - 2033) and our Corporate Business Plan (2023 - 2027) and has strong links to the Long-Term Financial Plan, Workforce Plan & Asset Management Plan.

We believe that we have an exciting future in the Shire, where we can harness unique opportunities to enhance the lives of all residents while addressing the barriers that can hold us back from reaching our potential.

Our new plan aligns with our community’s aspirations for the future. It acts as our guide with decisions, our strategic planning and delivery in the coming years.

The Plan considers how we can achieve positive social, environmental and economic outcomes, whilst ensuring we have a strong and resilient community that maintains the unique character that we value most.

The Shire sincerely appreciates the feedback and input from local residents, ratepayers, business owners, community members and visitors to help inform the development of this new Plan for the Future for 2023 - 2033.

Read the document:

Plan for the Future 2023-2027