Our identity – from historic buildings to unique landscapes. Our heritage shows our past and its impact on today.

See our Heritage List below of important places to the local community. This list provides a record of places that form an important part of the history of the local area.

Each place is allocated a level of A, B, C or For Information Only,

  • Category A – Places of exceptional significance. Essential to the heritage of the locality. A rare or outstanding example
  • Category B – places of considerable significance that are very important to the heritage of the locality
  • Category C – Places of moderate significance that contribute to the heritage of the locality
  • Information Only – Makes little or no contribution to the heritage of the locality.

Places in categories A and B form the Shire of Capel’s Heritage List. All category A places are assessed as having exceptional significance to the local government area and have also been included on the State Register of Heritage Places.

Category A

Places of exceptional significance. Essential to the heritage of the locality. A rare or outstanding example.

  • Minninup Homestead 196 Mangles Road, Stirling Estate
  • Ludlow Forestry Houses Lot 1109 Ludlow Road North & Tuart Drive
  • Lexdon Park 166 Jamieson Road, Capel
  • Higgins Cut Lot 3216 Ludlow North Road
  • St Louis Catholic Church 80 Bridge Street, Boyanup
  • Boyanup Slab Hut 17172 South Western Highway, Boyanup
  • Lime Kilns Ludlow North Road A RHP

Category B

Places of considerable significance that are very important to the heritage of the locality.


  • Capel River Bridge Capel Drive
  • Capel Tavern 96 Capel Drive
  • Shire of Capel Office, Community Centre & Iluka Capel Public Library Cnr Capel Drive & Roe Road
  • Road Board Office (fmr) 21 Forrest Road
  • Roberts’ Store (fmr) 19 Properjohn Road
  • Capel Post Office (fmr) 1 Buchanan Road
  • Stationmaster’s House (fmr) 13 Properjohn Road
  • Capel RSL & War Memorial 7 Forrest Road
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church 9 Scott Road
  • Capel Primary School Barlee Road
  • Capel Railway Bridge Capel River, north of Roe Road
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Church 53 Capel Drive
  • Capel Cemetery & Site of First School 68 Urquhart Road.

Capel River

  • Ardenvale 1205 Goodwood Road.

Stirling estate

  • 55 Minninup Homestead Group 195 Mangles Road, Stirling Estate
  •  Doungup 139 Doungup Road, Stirling Estate.


  • Rosemore 137 Boyanup West Road
  • Stratham Park 243 Bourne Loop.


  • 1 Uniting Church 33 South Western Highway
  • Shop – Elders Agency (fmr) 29 South Western Highway
  • Bakery 23 South Western Highway
  • Shop & Residence 21 South Western Highway
  • St George’s Anglican Church 16 South Western Highway
  • Boyanup General Store 8A South Western Highway
  • Hurst Butcher Shop 100 Bridge Street
  • Boyanup Tavern 104 Bridge Street
  • Avenue of Oaks Bridge Street
  • Granny Simmons’ House (fmr) & site: Staging Post 109 Bridge Street
  • Boyanup Cemetery Payne Road.

Category C

Places of moderate significance that contribute to the heritage of the locality.

  • There are currently no properties listed in this category.


Old heritage house with trees on farm property

Maintaining Heritage

Is your property heritage listed?

You may need Development Approval to develop, alter or demolish a heritage property listed in category A or B.

Applications will be assessed with our heritage places policy.

Local Planning Policy - LPP6.5 Heritage Places

Large tree sitting next to a smaller tree in a paddock

Significant Trees

The Shire has created a Significant Tree Register to recognise, celebrate, and protect significant trees on public and private land. To find out more information regarding the Significant Tree Register

Local Planning Policy 6.4 – Significant Trees.