Event Information

Event Applications

The Shire encourages the running of events in our locality. To ensure that events are run in the best interest of the community and their safety, high-risk events may be required to send in an Event Application.

If you answer yes to more than one of the below items, you will need to:

  • Public advertised event
  • Over 150 people in attendance
  • Impact on local roads
  • Food will be sold
  • You require the use of multiple Shire facilities
  • You will hire or bring additional large equipment (marquees, bouncy castles, portable toilets, etc.) You need to use stakes or pegs to hold down any additional large equipment
  • You may require vehicle access to a reserve
  • You need key access to fixed items located in the Shire (power boxes, buildings, etc.)
  • There may be additional noise from fireworks, vehicles, public amplifiers, or speakers.

    The minimum notice period required for the Shire to approve an application is as follows:

    Sixty (60) working days if the event will require road closures, traffic management plans, risk management plans, noise management plans, and planning approval.

    Twenty (20) working days for all other events.

    SOC _Event Appplication Package.pdf

    Event Sponsorship

    The Shire Event Sponsorship Scheme provides a process by which the Shire (we) can provide either an in-kind and/or cash contribution to the development and implementation of events in the Shire.

    Community groups, clubs, and not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that are considering conducting an event that is of community benefit and requires financial assistance and support are encouraged to complete an Event Sponsorship Scheme Application.

    Applications are assessed on the social and promotional benefit, along with the economic and environmental impact.


    Applications are open from the 1st of July till the 31st.

    Applications Assessments are from the 1st till August the 31st of August

    Please ensure you contact the Shire’s Community Development Officer to discuss your event prior to applying.

    2023-24 Sponsorship Application Form.pdf

    Event Sponsorship Scheme Guidelines v1.pdf