Coastal Planning

Our coast is highly valued.

It provides us with places and spaces to live, do business, be active and enjoy. However, the coast is mobile – it is constantly changing through storm events and the changes that people make to the coastline. There will also be further changes as a result of climate change, such as sea level rise and potentially more severe storm events. These coastal changes are now becoming much more noticeable and happening more rapidly. For this reason, local governments throughout Western Australia have been undertaking studies to understand the impacts of these coastal processes, particularly where people live.


Capel to Leschenault Coastal Hazard Risk Management & Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP)

The Peron Naturaliste Partnership (PNP) and selected member local governments the City of Bunbury and Shires of Capel, Dardanup and Harvey have partnered with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Southern Ports Authority to develop a Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) to understand how coastal changes can be best managed into the future.


The CHRMAP seeks to improve our understanding of coastal, estuarine and riverine features, coastal processes and the hazards and vulnerability of the coastal zone. It identifies vulnerability trigger points and timeframes for short, medium and long term risk management and suggests appropriate adaptation options. The CHRMAP provides us with a comprehensive and integrated understanding of how our coastal zones will be impacted in the future and how we can plan for and manage these changes in the Shire of Capel.


Draft CHRMAPs for each of the four local government areas were released for public comment, closing on 16 June 2023.


The comments received have been considered in finalizing the CHRMAP for Capel. The final version of the CHRMAP was provided by the consultants Water Technology on 15 November 2023.


The final version of the CHRMAP (links below) was endorsed by Council at the January 2024 OCM.


You can read Capel CHRMAP by clicking the links below:

Capel CHRMAP_Main Report


Appendix_B_Coastal Hazards_21040031_R02_v04_FINAL

Appendix_C_Assets and Values_21040031_R03_v03_FINAL

Appendix_D_Vulnerability Analysis_21040031_R04_v01_FINAL

Appendix_E_ RiskEvaluation and Treatment_21040031_R05_v02_FINAL

Appendix_F_A_CostBenefit Analysis_21040031_R06_v03_FINAL


Appendix_F_C_Benefit Distribution Analysis_Report_V5_WT_V02


Appendix_H_Capel Community Comments_21040031_R09_V01_FINAL

Appendix_I_PGB Community Workshop 02052023_21040031_R09_FINAL

Geotechnical Investigations for Coastal Erosion Vulnerability

In May 2023, the Department of Transport undertook detailed geotechnical surveys of the coast at Peppermint Grove Beach and Dalyellup, in order to develop subsurface models of the rock substrate and overlying sand thickness within the region between the foreshore and the settlement. This model will be used to assess the potential vulnerability of the site to erosion and future inundation risk, and whether there is a continuous rock barrier located below the ground surface of sufficient strength and height that may prevent the advancement of erosion to the settlement. For more information, please contact the Department of Transport Maritime Division.

You can read the reports by clicking on the links below:

Peppermint Grove Beach Geotechnical Survey Report

Dalyellup Geotechnical Survey Report