Bin Collections

Here you can find your bin collection day, learn how to correctly put out your bins, and what to do if your bin has not been collected or presented in time for collection.

King's Birthday 25th September 2023, bins will be collected as usual on the public holiday.

Find Your Bin Day

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What to remember on your bin collection day:

• Place your bin(s) out for collection by 6am on collection day, or the night before
• Place your bins out no more than 1m from the kerb or edge of the road and make sure the handle faces towards the house
• Keep at least 1m of clearance from cars, mailboxes, fences and trees
• Make sure your bin is not too heavy, the trucks can’t pick up more than 70kg
• Don’t overfill your bin, make sure the lid is fully closed
• Where possible, don't place your bin under low-hanging trees, overhead wires or near parked cars
• Remove bins from the kerbside within 24 hours of being empty and store inside your property.

If your collection day falls on a public holiday, we will still empty the bin, except for Good Friday. If your bin is scheduled on Good Friday, the bin will be emptied the following day.

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Damaged or Missing Bin?

Fill in our bin request form and it will be sent to our team for processing:

Bin Request Form

What goes where?

Did you know lithium batteries cause fires in rubbish trucks and waste facilities?

Help keep our facilities and staff safe and take batteries to a drop off point instead of putting them in your bin.
If you're not sure which bin something goes in, or how else you can dispose of, recycle or reuse it, check out the Recycle Right website for more information.

Recycle Right

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take my bins with me when I move house?

 No. The bins belong to the Shire of Capel and must remain at the property.

The bins I’ve been provided aren’t big enough. Can I get extra bins?

Yes, however, this will attract an additional charge.

Fill out our Additional Waste Collection Agreement and return to the Shire.

Why has my street been missed or only partially emptied?

This may be due to driver error or your street may have been blocked by vehicles or roadworks.

If collection has not occurred by 4pm, contact the Shire of Capel on 08 9727 0222 and a truck will return the following day.

Rubbish sometimes becomes compacted in the bottom of your bin and may not fall out when upturned. Loosen any remaining material and contact the Shire of Capel on 08 9727 0222 to arrange collection.

Can I apply for an additional service collection?

Yes, however, this will attract an additional charge.

Fill out our Additional Service - Weekly Collection (Existing Bins)  and return to the Shire. 

Can I put extra items for collections into plastic bags or boxes?

No. All items for collection must fit into the bins provided and the lid must close.

Help! My bin has gone missing.

Stolen or missing mins will be replaced at no charge to the resident.

You can use our Bin Request Form if your bin is stolen or missing.