The Shire of Capel advises that in accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, proposes to adopt the following differential rates in the dollar, minimum rate and specified area rate for the 2022-23 financial year.







Differential Rate Category





Rate in the dollar


Minimum Rate

1 Residential GRV 9.7593 $1,430.00
2 Residential Vacant GRV 9.7593 $1,430.00
3 Urban Development GRV 9.7593 $1,430.00
4 Urban Development Vacant GRV 9.7593 $1,430.00
5 Town Centre GRV 8.6710 $1,430.00
6 Town Centre/Special Use/Light Industry Vacant GRV 8.6710 $1,430.00
7 Light Industry GRV 8.6710 $1,430.00
8 Commercial Use Urban Development GRV 8.6710 $1,430.00
9 Special Use GRV 8.6710 $1,430.00
10 Rural & land Use (Rural Commercial) UV 0.5589 $1,430.00
11 Rural & land Use (Rural) UV 0.5589 $1,430.00
12 Special Rural GRV 8.9768 $1,430.00
Specified Area Rate GRV 0.05600 NIL
Maximum Rate Cap $218.54 per assessment.

Purpose of funding – Maintenance of Dalyellup Parks, Reserves, Structures and Toilets.

A document describing the ‘Objectives and Reasons’ for each proposed rate is available at the Shire Offices, Forrest Road, Capel. The document will also be available at Shire Libraries located in Capel, Boyanup and Dalyellup.

Ratepayers and electors are invited to make submissions in respect of the proposed rates, minimum payment and any related matter by emailing by 4.00pm on Monday 11 July 2022 


G MacMile


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