Australian Citizenship

Family holding Citizenship certificates and Ceremony

With one of the largest intakes of residents for Shires in Western Australia, we are proud to celebrate all our diverse community has to offer.

On average, the Shire of Capel has a new Australian Citizenship join our catchment every three weeks.

After what is usually a lengthy process, our newest citizens must attend a Citizenship Ceremony to complete their pledge and receive their certificates, a final step complete towards Citizenship.

To be eligible to attend a citizenship ceremony you must:

  • Reside within the Shire of Capel
  • Have approval from the Department of Home Affairs.

The Shire of Capel hosts Citizenship Ceremonies typically every three months, and they are held at various locations throughout our Shire.

Further information on what to expect when it comes to Citizenship ceremonies can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Department of Home Affairs


When are ceremonies held?

Typically, every three months.

When can I attend a Ceremony?

Once the Shire receives the notification of your approval, our Community Development team will contact you directly to organise your ceremony, there is no need to contact the Department of Home Affairs or your local council about your ceremony. Ensure you don’t miss out and keep your contact details up to date via the ImmiAccount

What is the waiting time?

On average, our waiting time is 3-6 months.

What if I can't attend?

There is no alternative to attending a ceremony and making a pledge. You must contact us immediately if you cannot attend and we will notify the Department of Home Affairs who will reschedule you for another date.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a form of identification. i.e., license, passport or official document with photograph.

How many guests can I bring?

You may bring 2 additional guests. If you require more, you must notify the officer immediately.

Can I take photographs during the ceremony?

On most occasions, a Shire Officer will be in attendance to take photos, and these will be distributed to you two weeks after the ceremony. If you do wish to take your own photos, we request you do so from where you are seated.

What do I do if I lose my certificate?

The Shire is unable to assist in the issue/replacement of certificates. You will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs to arrange a replacement.


The Shire does not host private ceremonies