Recycle Right & Container Deposit Scheme

Recycle Right in your Yellow Top Bin

The items in your recycling bin are sorted, baled and sold so they can be turned into new products.

Your efforts help recycle valuable resources.


Find out what goes in which bin and what to do with items that can’t go in the bin by downloading the free Recycle Right app.

The app is an educational tool to assist in sorting out your waste. The app also includes a Bin Day reminder feature which allows you to set up reminders to notify you when your next bin collection is.

Recycle Right

Graphic of recycle right campaign


Who sorts the recycling?

The truck unloads unsorted recycling (paper, plastics, glass, etc) onto conveyor belts and then the sorting process begins. Air jets are used to separate paper, regular magnets are used to pick up steel cans, magnets are used to repel aluminum into containers, while lasers identify and sort glass into different types and colours. Other materials are sorted by hand, such as items too contaminated for recycling (for instance plastic bags, large pieces of cardboard).

Once sorted, the materials are sent to specialist recycling plants.

What happens to our recycling (yellow lid) bin?

The recycling in the yellow lid bin is currently taken to Veolia where it is sorted.

Container Deposit Scheme

Save your 10¢ containers

Collect and return your drink containers to Containers for Change, so they can be recycled to live another life. Just check for the 10¢ mark

Containers for Change WA | Giving 10¢ Containers Another Life

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