One of Council’s functions under the Local Government Act 1995 is to make policy and it's these policies which form part of the Shire's decision-making framework.

Community Services

    Acceptance and Treatment of Donations

    Arts, Culture and Heritage

    Community Engagement

    Community Recognition

    Event Sponsorship

    Local Studies Collection

    Minor Community Grants Scheme

    Child Safety Awareness

    Corporate Services

    Acceptable Use of Business Systems

    Asset Management

    Payment Authorisation

    Borrowing Management

    Corporate Credit and Debit Cards

    Customer Service

    Disposal of Assets


    Fair Value of Assets

    Financial Hardship

    Financial Reports

    Financial Reserves

    Fleet and Plant – Procurement

    Fraud and Corruption

    Investment of Funds

    Library Collection Development

    Media Contact


    Rate Revenue

    Records Management

    Related Party Disclosures

    Risk Management Framework

    Self-Supporting Loans

    State Administrative Tribunal

    Superannuation Contribution


    WHS Policy

    Policy Framework


    Attendance at Events

    CEO Performance and Remuneration Review

    Communication and social media

    Complaints Management

    Councillor Briefing Framework

    Councillor Retirement Gifts 

    Council Member Professional Development

    Honorary Freeman

    Legal Representation 

    Media Contact

    Recording of the Vote of all Members Present

    Temporary Employment or Appointment of CEO

    Travel Expenses

    Web Streaming of Council Proceedings

    Engineering & Operations


    Engineering Specifications (subdivision land development)

    Roads – Extra Mass Permits

    Roads – Seal Width

    Traffic Management Plans

    Unmade Road Reserves


    Trading and Operating a Stall in Public Places

    Bush Fire Policies

    Fire Control Officer (FCO) Appointments

    Bush Fire Mitigation Notice Variations

    Hazard Reduction Burning by Brigades

    Hazard Reduction Burning on Council Reserves

    Incident Expenses

    Payment to the Chief and Deputy Chief FCO

    Bush Fire Brigade Funding

    Standard Operating Procedures (SoP’s)


    Local Planning Policies