Pay Your Rates

A ratepayer may elect to pay rates in full or in four instalments by simply paying the exact amount stated on the Rate notice by the due date.

Payment in full or the first instalment must be paid within 35 days of the issue of the rate notice.

Shire officer handing receipt to member of public in shire office

A late payment interest charge (as adopted by Council annually) will apply to any amount that is overdue 36 days after the rate notice is issued. The late payment interest charge is calculated daily on the balance due.

Instalment administration fees and interest charges are applicable to ratepayers who elect to use the instalment plan. The fee is incurred to cover the cost of additional work in administering the instalment plan.

Formal procedures for the collection of unpaid rates, including prosecution where necessary, apply where ratepayers do not meet their obligations.

How Do I Pay My Rates?

BPAY (Biller ID 93179)
Pay through your online banking.

Telephone 1300 276 468 or click HERE
Make sure you have your credit card, biller code and customer reference handy.

Pay over the phone on 08 9727 0222
Make sure you have your Rate notice and card handy.

In person at a Shire Administration Office or Shire library

(Please link to map for office and local libraries)


Send your remittance advice and cheque/money order to “Shire of Capel”

With “Not negotiable” to PO Box 369, Capel WA 6271

 You may choose from several payment options:

  • Payment in full by the due date stated on the Rate notice
  • Pay in four (4) instalments:

    • 1st instalment by due date on Rate notice;
    • 2nd instalment by due date on Rate notice;
    • 3rd instalment by due date on Rate notice; and
    • 4th instalment by due date on Rate notice.

Payment of the first Instalment must include all arrears outstanding from previous years.  Failure to pay the arrears voids the instalment option.

The Shire of Capel understands that financial hardship often makes it difficult to meet all financial commitments when they are due.

Please contact the Shire of Capel Rates Department on 08 9727 0222 or to arrange a suitable payment arrangement to settle your rates debt by the end of the financial year.

What if I can’t afford to Pay my Rates?

We understand that sometimes, families experience financial difficulties. Getting assistance and support early is important.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please contact our Rates team as soon as you receive your notice. We can help you set up a payment schedule that suits your individual circumstances.