The Shire of Capel is excited to partner with Purposeful, a youth organisation committed to empowering young people to make a difference, to deliver the new Capel Youth Leadership Program.

The program is designed to empower the next generation of young leaders, to better their leadership skills and passion for creating change. This program is open to all young people aged 12 to 17 who live, work or study in the Shire of Capel.

The program includes four leadership workshops (held in the October 2023, January 2024, April 2024 and July 2024 school holidays), which will be facilitated by the experienced Purposeful team.

Young people who attend and register for the Youth Leadership Program will be eligible to apply for the Youth Leadership Camp, held from January 8-10th, 2024.

To be eligible for the camp, you must attend or be enrolled to attend at least one of the following sessions:

Workshop 1: Self Leadership 101 (Wednesday 4th October 10:30 am-1:30 pm)

Before you can lead others, you must learn how to lead yourself! How can we learn to direct other people, motivate them, hold them accountable and inspire them to take action, if we haven’t already done these things ourselves?

Self-leadership is an essential topic for anyone who wants to step into a leadership role in the future (no matter how big, or small). This workshop will help you in all aspects of your life. In this session we’ll explore the following topics:

  1. DIRECTION → making decisions and choices that feel right for you
  2. MOTIVATION → understanding how to find and maintain motivation to achieve your goals
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY → strategies and tips to hold yourself accountable
  4. PRODUCTIVITY → how to work smarter not harder on your goals
  5. ORGANISATION → tools and tips for planning your time effectively and making the most out of every day

The session will conclude with a panel discussion featuring guest speakers with great self-leadership practices and habits for you to learn from, to apply the ideas we explore in the workshop straight away in your own life.

Workshop 2: Purpose and Self-Discovery (Wednesday 17th January 10:30 am-1:30 pm)

This workshop is the perfect start to the new year, to help young people find direction, motivation and inspiration for the year ahead! In this workshop, participants will:

  1. Design a vision for their future life and/or career that excites and inspires them
  2. Learn to use a vision as a powerful tool to support young people in maintaining motivation and achieving their goals
  3. Be inspired by the goals and dreams of others, and increase their own self-confidence in their ability to achieve their goals
  4. Explore their core values, and how they can use them to make purposeful choices at school, in friendships and relationships, in their careers and beyond

In a fun and interactive series of activities, we encourage participants to dream big and support them to brainstorm new personal and career goals for themselves.

Figuring out the future can be an overwhelming topic for many young people; that's why we've filled this workshop with group-based activities that create a safe and support space for self-reflection and imagination. We introduce a variety of prompts and strategies for dreaming big, to help all participants.


Workshop 3: Express Yourself - Public Speaking (Wednesday 10th April 10:30 am-1:30 pm)

Express Yourself is a workshop designed to help young people to find their voice and create impact through powerful storytelling & public speaking. In the workshop, participants will:

  1. Build confidence, public speaking skills and strategies that can be applied to a range of leadership and life situations from presentations, job interviews, advocating for themselves and others
  2. Be inspired by talented young public speakers with powerful stories to tell
  3. Learn to communicate their value and story to others in a powerful way
  4. Learn to have conversations with an audience, not give lectures!
  5. Begin designing a TED talk style presentation on a topic they're passionate about


Workshop 4: Employability and Career Skills (Wednesday 10th July 10:30 am-1:30 pm)

The one subject we don't learn much about in school? Ourselves! Without a doubt, being able to articulate and communicate who you are, your values and skillset in a creative way is the #1 way to be competitive in the 21st century job market.

This workshop supports young people to build critical employability skills, to sell themselves in a variety of career situations. Participants will explore the following topics as part of the workshop:

  1. Building Your Personal Brand & Introduction to Career Capital: This topic eases participants into building their purposeful brand, exploring their digital footprint and thinking about the story they want to communicate about themselves to the world. We introduce the idea of Career Capital, and strategically developing work experience, skills, networks, achievements and expertise to support their brand narrative and relevant to their goals.
  2. Express Yourself in Writing: First impressions are critical! This module creatively helps participants to develop professional biographies, using artificial intelligence tools and our biography formula.
  3. Ace the Interview: Participants put themselves in the shoes of an employer and learn strategies to effectively respond to types of interview questions, as well as using simulation technology to improve their responses.