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Environmental Health Officers work closely with local businesses and community groups who prepare food for sale to ensure the food sold is safe and suitable to eat.

For food hygiene at home information:

Food Safety at Your Finger Tips

For food businesses helpful additional information visit the Department of Health website:


or contact the Shires Environmental Health Officer on 08 9727 0222 or if have any questions.


New Food Safety Requirements

Standard 3.2.2A – Food Safety Management Tools was gazetted on the 8 December 2022 and will come into effect after a 12-month transition period on 8 December 2023. The Standard is an extension of the existing Standard 3.2.2  requirements and introduces three food safety management tools for:

  • Food service
  • Caterers
  • Some retail businesses.

Local government enforcement agencies are responsible for ensuring that applicable WA food businesses registered with the local government are informed of Standard 3.2.2A and are prepared to implement the standard from 8 December 2023.

The Environmental Health team will be working with food businesses over the next six months to assist in implementing the new requirements. This will begin with providing information directly to food businesses.

Further information can be found at

Contact an Environmental Health Officer on 08 9727 0222 or if have any questions.

Information for food businesses

Food truck with customers waiting for food

Food businesses are required to comply with the Food Act 2008 and submit a Food Business Registration form prior to operating. Food handling for an event will require a temporary food application.

There are specific requirements when dealing with food handled by charity or community groups and also at events.

Mobile food vans can be located in accordance with the Shire of Capel Trading in public places policy and will require a Trading in public places approval for specific locations in the Shire.

Useful information sheets on the Food Standards webpage


Food Registration form

Application Form- Notification or Registration form

Food Business Construction Guidelines

Information regarding food at residential premise on both the Food Standards and WA Department of Health pages

Home based food businesses- Health WA

Home-based food business- Food Standards Aust

Temporary Food Trading Application

Temporary Food Premises Information

Trading in Public Place- Mobile Trader

Trading in Public Place- Stallholder

Trading and Operating a Stall in Public Places Policy

Food poisoning or food complaint

Shire staff measuring temperature of food in fridge.

Food poisoning occurs when you have consumed food or drink that has been contaminated by harmful bacteria, viruses or toxins. Food poisoning produces symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhoea, and fever. 

The most common types of food poisoning bacteria take around 2-5 days to multiply to a level that causes symptoms, and sometimes up to 10 days. 

For more information about food poisoning, including signs and symptoms, types of food poisoning and how food poisoning can be prevented,
visit the Department of Health's website

Other food complaints relate to concerns regarding the hygiene of a food business cleanliness or food handler, foreign objects and mislabelling.

Free food safety training

lady washing hands in a sink

The Shire of Capel offers…

Free online training

You need to demonstrate safety knowledge under the Food Act. We’ve partnered with FoodSafe® – so you can upskill for free (normally $35).

Get started in 3 simple steps
  1. visit FoodSafe’s website
  2. add the product to cart
  3. enter code FSCAPEL367

    About the program

    You’ll learn about food hygiene, safety and record keeping.

    The course is a simple way to meet your food safety obligations.

    You can download a certificate of completion from FoodSafe if you’ve already completed the course.


    Hairdressing, Beauty & Body Art 

    hairdresser cutting ladies hair

    • If you intend establishing a hairdressing, beauty therapy or body art business you will need to make an application for health approval through the Shire’s Environmental Health Services.
    • It is recommended that you contact a Shire environmental health officer to discuss your proposal in the first instance.
    • There are requirements for the design and operation of hairdressing, beauty therapy and body art businesses that you will need to comply with prior to starting.
    • There is a certain level of health risk associated with these procedures if proper hygiene and infection control are not followed.
    • You will need to have the appropriate skills and knowledge for the type of business that you intend operating.

    For further information on the various types in businesses and their requirements please see the Department of Health website link below

    Body art and personal appearance

    Application Form- Health Related Premises

     Hairdressing Salon