2024 Community Awards Winners

Published on Tuesday, 30 January 2024 at 3:05:03 PM

On January 26 we celebrated some of the hundreds of volunteers we are blessed to have in the Shire of Capel. This year the Community Awards were held at Hugh Kilpatrick Memorial Centre in Boyanup.
During the inspiring ceremony, we heard stories about serving our community, making small and big changes and celebrating hopeful youth for our future. There was a breathtaking rendition of our National Anthem as well as entertainment sung throughout the morning by Scott Pearce a multi-talented musician who performs with his son Stewie and were motivated by guest speaker Nahrel Dallywater who was the WA and National Young Australian of the Year (Environment) 1999.
A Big thanks to Merchant Café for providing the catering at this year’s event.
Collectively our volunteers devote thousands of hours of time and commitment to their roles.
We are honoured to announce the following winners in their categories:
πŸ’›Winner of the Young Citizen Category for 2024 is Zoe Wallin
β–ͺ️Riley Bourne was awarded the Young Citizen Act Belong Commit Award.
πŸ’›Winner of Community Citizen for 2024 is Simon O’Neill
β–ͺ️Lucy Nolan was awarded the Community Citizen Act Belong Commit Award.
πŸ’›Winner of the Senior Community Citizen for 2024 is Trevor James
πŸ’›Winner of the Community Group for 2024 is Elgin Community Hall Inc.
β–ͺ️Ironstone Adventure Riding Club was awarded the Community Group Act Belong Commit Award.
The ceremony was packed out with community members, Don Punch MLA, Jodie Hanns MLA, Steve Thomas MLC, Shire Councillors Rosina Mogg, Christine Terrantroy, John Fergusson and Terri Sharp, Shire Freemans, Julian Sanders, Margaret Smith and Shire President Doug Kitchen as well as Shire Officers.
The Shire extends its thanks and gratitude to all our nominees and winners!

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