2023 Local Government Election Result

Published on Monday, 23 October 2023 at 11:52:36 AM

Welcome to the Shire of Capel Council

The result has been declared by the WA Electoral Commission for the 2023 Shire of Capel Local Government Election.

We welcome:
• Terri Sharp
• John Fergusson

And welcome back re-elected Councillors:
• Sebastian Schiano
• Kieran Noonan
• Rosina Mogg

The five representatives elected will serve the Capel community alongside current Councillors Ashley Dillon, Doug Kitchen, Peter McCleery and Christine Terrantroy.

The Shire joins Council in thanking Kaara Andrew for her dedication, service, and valuable contribution to the community.

Newly elected Councillors will be officially sworn in for a four-year term at the October Ordinary Council meeting on Wednesday, 25 October at 6:00pm.

Congratulations to all candidates for nominating for this important role.

Read the full results and vote count here

Results for Election for the Shire of Capel

Pictured left to right is:
Kieran Noonan, Rosina Mogg, Sebastian Schiano and John Fergusson after the declaration today in Council Chambers.

Shire of Capel

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