2023-24 Annual Budget and Differential Rates

Published on Friday, 11 August 2023 at 4:13:00 PM

2023-24 Annual Budget and Differential Rates

– Building a Sustainable Future for Capel

The Shire of Capel’s 2023-24 budget has been adopted by Council, that is committed to building a sustainable future to deliver for the community. Just like our community, the Shire of Capel is operating in a challenging, high-cost environment, paying a lot more just to sustain current service levels.

The budget incorporates a modest increase in the rate in the dollar on average a 3.5 per cent for residential properties, with the minimum rate remaining at $1,430. The rating strategy was carefully considered to build a sustainable future to deliver for the community.

Shire President Doug Kitchen said, “We believe the Shire of Capel is the best place to live, work and play, so we pay close attention to making sure we live up to that promise for our community and businesses to remain the lifestyle of choice.

Council has a key focus as representatives of the community to minimise any rate increases this year yet continue to plan for the future in a sensible and sustainable approach in the current economic climate. The Shire is prioritising the maintenance and renewal programs of existing assets and infrastructure in 2023-24. Our focus remains on delivering improved infrastructure and facilities for our residents and businesses.”

Councillors have been involved in the entire budget design and rating strategy development process, participating in numerous key planning workshops.  These workshops have considered all areas of expenditure within the Shire and a range of scenarios.”

Reflecting on the main 2023-24 Annual Budget outcomes; there are several key points to highlight.

  1. Projects a break-even position for 2023-24
  2. Fully funds the 2023-2027 Corporate Business Plan’s projects and programs which includes $2m of new community based initiatives.
  3. Supports Community Budget Commitments of $50,000.00
  4. Funds Councillor Budget Commitments of $61,000.00.
  5. Identifies 1 new ‘Borrowing’ – Self Supporting Loan (SSL) for the construction of the new Gelorup Volunteer Bushfire Brigade facility.
  6. Funds Capital Works spends of $12,663,700.00 for both maintenance and renewal programs consisting of:
  • $4.5m on road upgrades and maintenance.
  • $1.3m on other civil works.
  • $4.2m on parks, gardens, reserves and buildings.
  • $2.8m on plant and equipment.

The Shire’s waste service charges are increasing for 2023-24, with no previous increases imposed on residents since 2017.  Rising costs in the waste industry such as, fuel, transportation, licencing and plant maintenance are the inflationary factors leading to the price increases.  The Shire has committed to reviewing waste services, in consultation with the community, to ensure value for money, service levels requirements and uptake/usage.

Doug Kitchen

Shire President


Gordon MacMile

Chief Executive Officer

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