Waste and recycling

Everything you need to know about waste and recycling. Find your next bulk waste collection, where to take your waste or containers.

Bin calendar

Download your waste collection calendar 2022-23

We ask that you:

• Keep clear of fences, trees and cars by at least 1 metre

• Place on the verge by 6am

• Place bins 0.5 metres apart

Missed collections: No need to worry – call us on 9727 0222

For new services or bin repairs please contact us via email at info@capel.wa.gov.au

You can search your bin day here

Be a GREAT Sort! 

Landfill is the last resort.

Not sure what goes where?

Use our handy A to Z list to find what items can go in your rubbish, recycling and Fogo bin. If it can go in your bin – we’ll tell you where to take it.

Ο 2 bin system

Ο 3 bin system

You can download an additional waste application form below:

Ο Additional Waste Application 

Waste transfer station

>You can access our waste transfer station if you’re a resident or rate payer. You can access free and paid recycling and disposal services that aren’t included in your standard weekly bin collection.

The facility is eftops only. You can also use your tip passes.

We’ll accept household quantities of waste. We won’t accept commercial waste or large quantities.    Household rubbish, junk and mixed wastes

  • refuse bag (0.06 m3) $7.00
  • wheelie bin (0.24 m3) $12.50
  • car (0.5 m3) $21.00
  • ute / trailer (0.64 m3) $25.50
  • large ute / large trailer more than (0.64 m3) $36.00
  • mattress (innerspring)  $51.50

Scrap Metal (per item)

  • car body, trailer or small boat $29.00
  • truck body $51.50
  • fridge or freezer non-degassed $15.50
  • fridge degassed with certificate Free
  • other scrap metal (including car batteries) Free

Electronic waste (per item)

  • CRT or tube tv $15.50
  • LCD or plasma tv $10.50
  • other large electrical items $10.50
  • other e-waste including computers Free

Green and wood waste:

  • green waste per car, ute or trailer (6’ x 4’) $12.00
  • wood waste per trailer (6’ x 4’) $12.00
  • green waste per trailer with sides (Load size 1.0 – 2.5m3 $18.00
  • green waste per trailer 8×5 $18.00
  • green waste per Trailer 8×5 – with sides or small truck (Load size 2.5 – 5.0 m3) $35.00
  • green waste per Truck (Load size > 5.0 m3) $50.00


  • ute / trailer (6’ x 4’) $26.00
  • rubble / m³ (clean rubble only)  $46.00

Tyres (per item):

  • car $13.50
  • truck $26.00


  • non-flattened boxes per ute / trailer (0.64m3) $10.50
  • flattened boxes, cardboard and paper Free

Other waste (Free)

  • glass bottles and jars
  • comingled household recycling
  • waste oil (no cooking oil)
  • drum muster
  • personal and car batteries

Commercial wastes

  • Waste from shops, workshops, builders or commercial waste providers

Flammable and reactive waste:

  • cooking oil
  • gas bottles
  • car LPG tanks
  • Paint
  • cleaning solvents
  • flares

Toxic and biohazards/infectious waste:

  • asbestos
  • pesticides
  • medical waste
  • quarantine wastes
  • animal carcasses
  • other animal wastes
  • septic, sewerage or sanitary wastes
  • farm chemical drums that contain residue 

Corrosive waste:

  • household cleaning agents and chemicals

General waste:

  • no sand or clean fill accepted

  • tyres on rims

  • fluoro lights and more.
  • wastes from non-shire residents or property owners

You’re responsible for moving waste from your vehicle to the bins. We don’t keep any machinery onsite to assist with removal.

Visit us

The waste transfer station is open:

  • Friday to Tuesday from 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • all public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday.

We’re closed every Wednesday and Thursday.

Disposal of Mattresses at Capel Waste Transfer Station:

Currently, mattress disposal is costing the Shire of Capel nearly $200 to dispose of each mattress deposited at the Capel Waste Transfer Station (WTS). Mattresses left at the WTS are normally taken to the Bunbury Harvey Regional Waste Station, but this facility cannot accept mattresses now, so they must be transported to Bibra Lake. The Shire can only store used mattresses for a limited time under Health Regs, so they need to be transported within a set time, whether we have 5 or 20.

The current fee of $51.50, recovers only a quarter of the processing cost at the moment.

The Shire is working on more cost-effective alternatives, including breaking the mattresses down locally.

Hard Waste Collection Dates 2023


Area A – 17 July 2023 to 21 July 2023- West of Bussell Highway

Area B – 24 July 2023 to 28 July 2023- East of Bussell Highway


Hard and green waste

Get rid of your household junk and bulk waste. Before you get started – here are a few things you should know…

1. Start time – waste must be on the verge before 7am of collection week.

2. Keep waste clear of reticulation, footpaths, fences, street signs and corners

3. Contractor – the contractor will only check your kerb once.

4. Don’t obstruct your normal bin service or the line of sight of pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

5. Don’t place your waste on vacant properties or reserves.

6. Green and Hard Waste should only be placed on your verge no earlier than 7 days prior to the collection date.

Container deposit scheme

Cash4Cans is your refund point for the Container Deposit Scheme. Bring your containers to them at the Forrest Rd Car Park. Opening hours

  • Thursday 8am to 12noon
  • Alternate Saturdays 8am to 12noon

Caravan/RV Dump Point


The Shire of Capel maintains a refuse dump point for effluent disposal from caravans, mobile homes and other vehicles.

Location: Buchanan Road, off Capel Drive
Access Code: 0104

If you have any issues using this facility please call the Shire on 9727 0222.

Please secure the lock on departure, the code is the same for the dump point and potable water. Please ensure nothing but effluent is disposed of in the dump point.

Dump point map