Christmas closure – if your bin collection day is Friday, we will collect it the following day.

Green waste


Monday 23 to Friday 27 November 2020.


The kerbside collection of green waste will be carried out in the residential areas of Boyanup, Capel, Dalyellup and Peppermint Grove Beach. All green waste must be placed on the verge before 7.00 am Monday 23 November. Keep green waste clear of reticulation, footpaths, fences, street signs and corners. Green waste can be place on your verge two weeks before pick up.

We will collect:

  • Trimmed trees or shrubs to a maximum length of 1.5m and a maximum width of 100mm.

We will not collect:

  • Large tree trunks or stumps
  • Branches or limbs longer than 1.5m or 100mm in diameter
  • Garden chemicals or associated products
  • Household rubbish Treated wood products or junk.

The contractor will only check your kerb once.

Hard waste

The kerbside collection of hardwaste will be carried out in the residential areas of Boyanup, Capel, Dalyellup, Gelorup, Peppermint Grove Beach and the special rural areas of Lillydale Road, Roseclif Park and Stratham.

Collection dates 2020

20 to 31 July 2020.

We will collect:

  • White goods, fridge doors must be removed
  • General junk, lounges, cupboards, furniture and material less than 1.5 metres in length.

We won’t collect:

  • Bricks and rubble
  • Household waste
  • Flammable liquids
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Cars, either whole or in parts
  • Tyres or batteries
  • Asbestos products
  • Oils
  • Paints and solvents
  • Televisions and electronic equipment.

When placing your hardware on the verge, please keep clear of:

  • Reticulation
  • Footpaths
  • Fences
  • Street signs
  • Street corners.

Oils, car batteries, car bodies and parts can be recycled at the Capel Refuse Site on Range Road in Capel.

Waste transfers station

Waste Transfer Station is now EFTPOS only.

Residents and ratepayers can dispose of waste and recycling they can’t dispose of via other means at 79 Range Road, Capel.

Please note that most wastes are collected in large bins and you’ll need to unload the wastes from your vehicle into the bins. The Waste Transfer Station Attendant will most likely not be able to help and the Shire does not keep any machinery at the Waste Transfer Station for unloading wastes from vehicles into bins.

Opening Times

Last loads accepted 4.30pm.

 Monday  9.30am – 5.00pm
 Tuesday  9.30am – 5.00pm
 Wednesday  CLOSED
 Thursday  CLOSED
 Friday  9.30am – 5.00pm
 Saturday  9.30am – 5.00pm
 Sunday  9.30am – 5.00pm

The Waste Transfer Station is open on Public Holidays apart from Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Accepted wastes and disposal fees

Waste Type Fee incl. GST
General Waste (household rubbish household junk, mixed wastes) per:
Refuse bag (0.06 m3) Wheelie bin (0.24 m3) Car (0.5 m3) Ute / trailer (0.64 m3) Large ute / large trailer  (0.64 m3) Small Truck (non-commercial) Mattress inner spring $4 $9 $17 $22 $32 $17
Scrap Metal (per item):
Car body, trailer or small boat Truck body Fridge, freezer, etc non-degassed Fridge, etc degassed with certificate Other scrap metal incl. car batteries $25 $47 $12 Free Free
Electronic Waste / E-waste (per item):
CRT or tube TV LCD or Plasma TV or other large item Other e-waste including computers $12 $7 Free
Green and Wood Waste:
Green waste per trailer  (6’ x 4’) Wood waste per trailer  (6’ x 4’) $12 $12
Rubble (clean fill only):
Ute / trailer  (6’ x 4’) Rubble / m³ $22 $42
Tyres (per item):
Car Truck $10 $22
Non-flattened boxes per ute / trailer Flattened boxes, cardboard & paper $7 Free
Other Wastes:  
Glass bottles & jars Co-mingled household recycling Waste oil Drum muster Free Free Free Free

Click here for information on what items can be included in the different waste streams, e.g. what does ‘Rubble’ include or what does ‘Co-mingled household recycling’ mean?

Unacceptable wastes

The following wastes can’t be accepted at the Waste Transfer Station because they create safety issues, are difficult to deal with at this type of facility or are not permitted to be received at the facility under the license issued by the WA Department of Environmental Regulation. For information on how you can dispose of these wastes click here.

Unacceptable wastes
Commercial wastes e.g. from shops, workshops, builders, commercial waste providers, etc Household hazardous wastes e.g. paint, solvents, cleaning products, pesticides, flares, fluoro lights, etc Liquid wastes including cooking oil (except waste engine oil)
 Asbestos  Medical or quarantine wastes  Gas bottles and car LPG tanks
 Septic, sewerage or sanitary wastes Tyres on rims  Batteries (except old car batteries)
 Animal carcasses and other animal wastes  Farm chemical drums that contain residue  Wastes from non-Shire residents or property owners


Recycling shopRecyling Shop

The Waste Transfer Station includes a Recycling Shop where you can buy a variety of items at low prices, including furniture, bikes, toys, household goods, building materials, etc. You are not allowed to take things from the Waste Transfer Station for free or purchase items that have safety risks such as electrical and gas appliances, damaged products or items that don’t meet mandatory standards.

Tip passes

Tip Passes are available to those property owners who pay the Annual Waste Services Charge through their Annual Rates. Tip Passes enable those property owners to dispose of certain wastes at the Capel Waste Transfer Station for free. The passes are not transferable and cannot be used by businesses or contractors. The passes can only be used to dispose of the types and amounts of wastes specified and fees may still apply to dispose of mixed or additional wastes. If someone other than the owner occupies the property the Tip Passes have been allocated to, the owner or property manager should give the passes to the occupant of the property. Some rural property owners do not receive a regular waste collection service provided by the Shire, i.e. they don’t have wheelie bins that are picked up each week. Property owners that do not receive a waste collection service do not pay the Annual Waste Services Charge through their Rates and are not eligible to receive Tip Passes for the free disposal of wastes.


The Shire appreciates that most people using the Waste Transfer Station do the right thing. However, penalties may be issued to people that commit offences such as:

  • Failing to comply with a sign or direction from the Waste Transfer Station Attendant
  • Removing waste from the site without authorisation
  • Depositing toxic, poisonous or hazardous waste
  • Littering – remember to cover your load!

For further information please contact the Shire Office on (08) 9727 0222 or