Day Works- Sunday 17 March 2024- 2 Non-Vibratory Rollers in BORR Alignment- Non-Residential Location

Published on Friday, 15 March 2024 at 3:46:20 PM

SCOPE OF WORK – Back rolling loose stones using two Multi Tired Rollers (non-vibratory)
Day works: 7:00 am-5:00 pm; Sunday 17 March
Noise emission: @ Source - 107dB |@150m - 53dB | @ 450m – negligible
Reason for out of hours:
• To maintain the program schedule back rolling is required to simulate traffic on stone chip seal to roll in and consolidate loose stones.
• This task is required to prevent damage to vehicles from loose stones dislodged by construction vehicles.
• The optimal period to complete this task is when ambient temperatures are hot and dry, which assists to embed the stones.
• For consistency of rolling, it is best performed without interruption from other personnel accessing the work area.
Sensitive Receiver:
One property is 450m from the work area. They are unlikely to hear a multi tyre roller at this distance and disturbance is therefore not considered a risk.
The landowner – Graeme Miles has been informed and has no issue.
Location Map:
Two rollers will be working in the BORR alignment in a rural location bounded by: South Western Highway, Centenary Rd and Lillydale Rd
Please direct any enquiries to the BORR Community Engagement Team on 1800 979 770