Calling for Community Budget Submissions

Published on Tuesday, 9 January 2024 at 11:07:37 AM

Every year the Shire of Capel provides an opportunity for the community to put forward requests to be considered during the Draft Annual Budget process.
As in previous years requests are being sought for specific items, community projects, sponsorship ideas, new services, or improvements to Shire buildings, assets, facilities and services.
The 2024-25 Community Budget Request process will open for a four-week submission period of public advertising, opening Monday 8 January and closing Friday 9 February 2024.
Subject to the submissions received being endorsed by the Council in principle, the inclusion of each application will be considered as part of the Draft Budget process which will commence in March through to July/August 2024. All applicants will be contacted post-budget adoption and personally informed of the outcome of their submission.
This process includes:
1. An application process (Application form attached in email).
2. The advertising will be from 8 January to 9 February 2024, giving 1 month for community applicants to get applications in.
3. An application review process (officer level)
4. An Executive Manager review process (Council agenda finalisation)
5. Council review process (For draft budget consideration)
You can download an application form and find out more information on the Shire's website ⬇
Pictured is Boyanup Bowls Club, who last year were successful in their submission for a kitchen refurbishment.

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