Shire of Capel - Integrated Growth Framework and Plan Funding

Published on Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 12:59:01 PM

• The Shire of Capel has received $500,000 from the Federal Government's Housing Support Program to develop the Integrated Growth Framework and Plan, aimed at streamlining planning activities and expediting development approvals to meet housing demands in the South West.

• Outcomes of the project include growth readiness, informed planning, community cohesion, sustainable infrastructure and protecting the District’s unique sense of place.

• The project addresses past uneven growth in the Shire of Capel by creating a cohesive and sustainable development framework, ensuring that areas like Dalyellup, Boyanup, and Capel are ready for future growth and the unique character of each is preserved and maintained.

The Shire of Capel is set to embark on integrated growth planning to support sustainable growth and development in the region, thanks to a major funding boost from the Federal Government's Housing Support Program. With a current estimated population of 19,002 and a ten-year average growth rate of 1.9%, the Shire of Capel is poised to play a crucial role in addressing the housing needs in the growing South West of Western Australia.
The Shire will receive $500,000 as part of Stream 1 of the $1.5 billion Housing Support Program. This funding will be used to develop and deliver the Shire of Capel Integrated Growth Framework and Plan, aimed at streamlining planning activities and expediting development approvals to meet the increasing demand for housing.

The Shire of Capel Integrated Growth Framework and Plan focuses on the following key outcomes:

• The Shire is ‘growth ready’ in Dalyellup, Boyanup and Capel, with a streamlined approach that protects the natural environment and ensures sustainable future communities, while attracting, guiding expediting investment and development.

• Townsite strategies that informs and enables the Shire’s future planning, development and infrastructure expenditure and investments.

• Details a holistic approach to development in growth areas of the Shire, while demonstrating a planned delivery framework that increase the likelihood of securing funding and investment from external sources.
Media Statement

• The social and environmental values that make each ‘place’ in the Shire unique are protected and enhanced, with a high level of community ownership.

• Detailed identity defined for each ‘place’ or settlement with facilities that meet the needs of the community, now and into the future.

• Cohesive approach to how each ‘place’ works together as a whole District.

Shire President Doug Kitchen says that this is a positive and progressive step for the Shire of Capel, “Past growth in the Shire has resulted in uneven development, with high growth in Dalyellup but slower growth in Boyanup and Capel due to infrastructure constraints and regional building cost challenges. This project seeks to address these issues by creating a cohesive and sustainable growth and development framework.”

“The Regional Australia Institute Regional Movers Index for the March 2024 Quarter identifies the Shire of Capel in the Top Five list, recording the highest annual growth in net internal migration for the first time, with a near fivefold increase on the back of its popularity amongst regional movers. Capel also recorded the highest quarterly growth rate amongst the Top Five at 117.6 per cent”.

“As the Shire of Capel continues to grow rapidly, we need to ensure that this is well planned and sustainable, protecting the unique characteristics of our ‘place’ that makes it the Lifestyle of Choice. The Integrated Growth Framework and Plan will be crucial to ensuring that this is achieved and we are extremely grateful for the Federal Government’s support”.
Funding and Timeline

This project will be delivered through a partnership approach involving the Shire of Capel, Traditional Owners, State Government, community organizations, and social services. The total project cost is $550,000, with $500,000 provided by the Housing Support Program and is expected to be completed within 11 months.

The Federal Government's Housing Support Program is a key part of the $32 billion Homes for Australia plan, which aims to build 1.2 million new homes over the next five years. Stream 1 of the program focuses on funding projects to improve planning capability, while Stream 2 will provide $450 million for infrastructure supporting housing and community amenities.

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