Your community, your say

We asked – you answered. Here’s what you had to say about our performance and where we should be heading as a shire.

How we got here

During December we sought feedback from the community, including:

  • community Workshops
  • community pop events
  • online surveys (by Culture Counts)
  • staff workshops
  • council workshops.

Name change

Do you support the idea of considering a change to the name of the Shire?

  • 76% strongly oppose
  • 9% oppose
  • 9% neutral/unsure
  • 3% support
  • 3% strongly support

That in line with the procedures set out in the Local Government Act 1995, section 2.3 (3) (4) and Schedule 2.2, that the Acting CEO prepare a discussion paper and feedback  form  for  residents  of  the  Shire  to  express  their  views  in  regard  to  a proposed name change of the Shire.

2.That the discussion paper should include

  1. Background information on the current name, logo and branding of the Shire, and the option to affirm them
  2. Background  information  on  several  alternative  names, such  as  Geographe and Coolingup, and the option to recommend them
  3. The   opportunity   for   residents   to   make   their   own   suggestions   as   to appropriate names, logos or branding for the Shire and
  4. The opportunity for residents to recommend dual naming, such as ‘Capel –Coolingup’e.Acknowledgement that any change to the Shire name will require a review of the  Shire  LOGO  and  branding,  including  updating  Shire  documents  and signage.
  1. That the proposal to change the name of the Shire be included in the forthcoming Community Survey to encourage the community to consider the discussion paper and make submissions.

Carried 4/1

For: Councillors Clews, Mogg, Noonan and SouthwellAgainst: Councillor Schiano

Page 11: September 202 OCM Minutes 

Favourite things

All community members love the unique environment, access to beaches, forest and bush. You also mentioned the support and connectivity within each community.

1. Small/country lifestyle
Capel, Gelorup and Boyanup residents favoured the country town lifestyle

2. Natural environment
Peppermint Grove Beach and Dalyellup residents had a greater focus on beaches, natural environment and parks/open spaces

3. Coastal lifestyle and proximity
Both Dalyellup and Peppermint Grove Beach residents specifically mentioned the beach lifestyle and proximity to the beach.

Your feedback

Your feedback is important to us – it helps us grow as a community. We want to understand the opportunities and challenges facing our shire. This way, we can create strategies that make our community is vibrant, sustainable and inclusive.


  1. Capel, Gelorup and Boyanup residents identified the need for tourism opportunities
  2. Peppermint Grove Beach, Gelorup and Dalyellup residents recognised: the preservation of the natural environment or the development of a renewable energy source
  3. Capel and Dalyellup residents identified community activation as an opportunity
  4. Boyanup residents wanted specific opportunities such as a transparent and accountable Council.


  1. Peppermint Grove Beach discussed the challenges relating to the natural environment
  2. Capel Indicated rejuvenated tourist opportunities
  3. Boyanup and Peppermint Grove Beach commented about the council being disengaged and not representative of the community
  4. Gelorup and Boyanup were concerned with the council’s financial management
  5. Capel identified a desire for better communication from the Council


  • improved paths, trails and cycleways
  • preservation in the natural environment
  • improvement to road safety
  • community activities
  • activities public spaces
  • cattle yards moved from the town centre

Community vision

  •  well maintained and well and developed environment
  • developed paths/trails/cycleways and rejuvenated natural attractions
  • increased commercial premises
  • tourist destination
  • upgraded internet infrastructure

Future directions

The key findings – where you want your shire to be in ten years…

Social and community development

  1. All community members suggested more community activation
  2. Greater support for community activities and community hubs

Economic development

  1. more tourism opportunities
  2. commercial industries, greater investment in local businesses support and jobs

Governance and decision making

  1. transparent and accountable council
  2. better representation of residents in the council
  3. improve shire leadership and greater local government transparency

Communication and engagement

  1. greater engagement and communication from the Shire
  2. investing in IT for greater communication, increasing support for local news and alternative communication channels

Built environment and infrastructure

  1. all areas except Gelorup suggested developing more and better paths/cycleways
  2. improving roads and safety across all localities
  3. develop community green spaces and infrastructure

Natural environment and sustainability

  • Preserve the natural environment as a priority in the future
  • better fire management, tourism opportunities using the natural environment for tourism.

What’s next

We’re writing the draft Strategic Community Plan.

The draft plan will have key directions for the future and relevant strategies.

We will share this once it’s ready so you can share your feedback.

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