PA106/2022 | Development Application | Stock Feed Lot | LOTS 3 , 801, 802 & 803 LOWRIE ROAD THE PLAINS

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DAP –Development Application PA106/2022

Stock Feed Lot

About the proposal

Development application for a stock feed lot.


PA 106/2022




LOTS 3 , 801, 802 & 803 LOWRIE ROAD THE PLAINS

The development involves:

The Shire has received a development application to be determined by the Joint Development Assessment Panel for the use of Stock Feedlot at the above property. The development involves the following:


Development on Lot 3

  • One indoor raised sheep induction shed (capacity 9,600 sheep) which has been constructed for the existing rural pursuit but is to be used as part of the fee lot operations.
  • Use of an existing wool shed for feed lot operations.
  • Use of an existing shearing shed for fee lot operations.


Development on Lot 802

  • Two indoor raised sheep feed sheds with a combined capacity of 18,100 sheep and
  • Run off dams and rainwater dams for induction shed and feed sheds.


Development on Lot 803

  • Compost pad and evaporation pond.


Operational details

    • Up to 30 onsite and offsite personnel will be associated with the operation of the feed lot.
    • Operating ten months of the year, 7 days a week, majority of staff working Monday to Friday.
    • Access via Gavins Road to Lot 801 Lowrie Road.
    • Approximately 32 truck movements and 60 light vehicle movements per week.

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