Dalyellup Beach Art Mural Project โ€“ Removal of โ€˜Heidiโ€™s Tributeโ€™

Dalyellup Beach Art Mural Project โ€“ Removal of โ€˜Heidiโ€™s Tributeโ€™


The Shire has been working closely with all families and stakeholders to reinstate the Beach Art Mural Project near the Dalyellup Surf Club. ย The Shire acknowledges the sensitivity around the removal of what is known as โ€˜Heidiโ€™s Tributeโ€™, dedicated to the passing of a local girl from our community, which was spray-painted over the community mural project.


In early 2021 the Dalyellup Collective led a project in partnership with Regional Arts WA, Dalyellup Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, Lotterywest and the Shire of Capel to bring life to the โ€˜tired oldโ€™ looking toilet block, after the new surf club building was complete. Local Gelorup artist Andrew Frazer is a frequent surfer at Dalyellup beach and was thrilled when he was asked to work on the project. Workshops were held, engaging local youth to contribute to the design process and assist with painting.


The Shire approved the mural to be painted on all sides of the building which added to the overall amenity of the area. Community murals are at the heart of many townsites within the Shire and add to the unique character of our local areas. Almost 25 youth and their families contributed to the mural which links ties with the surf lifesaving community, indigenous culture and ocean themes, which all contributes to the character of the Dalyellup community.


The Shire has worked closely with key families and local schools, acknowledging the emotion surrounding โ€˜Heidiโ€™s Tributeโ€™. Shire Officers have held discussions with Heidiโ€™s family, and have presented them with a large, framed photo canvas of the tribute, which they expressed their gratitude in receiving. Officers have also reached out to Dalyellup Primary School and Dalyellup College.


Although โ€˜Heidiโ€™s Tributeโ€™ will be removed, we encourage the artist to come forward so that we may be able to work together to find a more appropriate place for their artwork. As work starts on the Dalyellup Skatepark, there will be a large focus on community artworks and we will be working with local artists to complete murals.



Gordon MacMile

Chief Executive Officer