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Call 1300 276 468. Make sure you have your credit card, biller code and customer reference number handy.


Pay through your online banking using BPAY®  Contact your bank for more information.

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Visit our office – make sure to bring your invoice.


Send your remittance advice and cheque to  “Shire of Capel” with “Not negotiable” to our PO Box.

We issue rates notices annually – which are calculated base on Landgate’s property valuations. Your rates fund service delivery in your area.

Frequently asked questions

This year council endorsed a 0% increase for the differential rate in dollar increase, minimum rate and the specified area rates. 

Zone Rate Category Basis 2021-22 Endorsed rate in the dollar Minimum Rate
1 Residential GRV 9.2069 $1,385.00
2 Residential Vacant GRV 13.7171 $1,385.00
3 Urban Development GRV 9.2069 $1,385.00
4 Urban Development Vacant GRV 13.7171 $1,385.00
5 Town Centre GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
6 Town Centre/Special Use/Light Industry Vacant GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
7 Light Industry GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
8 Commercial Use Urban Development GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
9 Special Use GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
10 Rural & land Use (Rural Commercial) UV 0.5077 $1,385.00
11 Rural & land Use (Rural) UV 0.5077 $1,385.00
12 Special Rural GRV 8.0150 $1,385.00

Specified Area Rating Basis 2021-22 Endorsed rate in the dollar Minimum Rate
Specified Area Rate for Dalyellup Parks & Reserves Maintenance Purpose: Maintenance of Parks and Reserves in Dalyellup GRV 4.9605 cents (to a maximum of $192.49 Per Assessment) Nil

Your rates are calculated based on your property’s value. Landgate independently values your property every three to for years. You rates will vary according to the Gross Rental Valuation (GRV) set by Landgate through the Valuer General’s Office. Rates make up about 32% of council revenue. The amount to be collected from rates is the balance of the Council’s expenditure requirement, less other revenues from fees, charges, grants, borrowings and transfers. Once the council determines expenditure, we set a rate in the dollar to be levied against all properties.

50% concession

You might be eligible for a rate deferral or rebate of up to 50% on your rates and Emergency Service Levy if you:

  • Seniors card, Commonwealth Health Seniors Card and/or Pension Concession Card, OR
  • Pensioner Concession Card or State Concession Card
  • Own or co-own the property
  • Lived at the property as of 1 July and it is your place of residence

25% concession

You could receive up to 25% off your Annual Water Service Charge and Rates if you:

  • Possess a seniors card

The deferment option is not available and the rebate will be limited to a maximum amount.

Pro-rata provisions

You can get a pro-rata rebate if you become eligible during the financial year.

Things you should know

You can only claim a concession or deferment (where eligible) on one property in any one charging or rating year, being the property owned and occupied as at 1 July. Where arrears of your Annual Water Service Charges or Local Government rates exist, a concession or deferment may be available where you enter into and satisfy, a payment arrangement to clear the arrears.  

We understand that sometimes, life can be tough. Getting assistance and support is important. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please contact our rates department as soon as you receive your notes. We can help you set up a payment schedule to avoid the additional legal costs.

If you have outstanding payments on your account we may recover the funds with legal action.

Any cost incurred in this process will be added to the outstanding balance.