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About the scheme and strategy

Local planning strategy

Our draft Local Planning Strategy (the strategy) sets out the vision and a framework for long-term planning and development.

The strategy maps out the proposed changes to land use and development for the next 15 years.

Local planning scheme

We’ve developed a new draft Local Planning Scheme No.8 (the scheme) which will replace our current town planning scheme No.7 (TPS7).

The scheme maps out land zoning and reservations in line with the local planning strategy.

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Use our new digital maps to check your property’s proposed zoning.

You can also interact with the draft scheme No.8.


Why do you need a local planning strategy?

We use a strategic planning and local planning framework to provide a plan for future growth including:

  • townsite strategies for the Capel, Boyanup and Peppermint Grove Beach
  • land use strategy
  • structure plans for urban expansion areas within Capel, Boyanup and Dalyellup
  • supporting technical studies.

Our local planning strategy consolidates all this information into a single plan so you can have a clear strategy for future land use and development.

This strategy supports our strategic community plan and legal obligations under the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

What is the local planning strategy?

The draft local planning strategy addresses a broad range of issues related to land use, planning and development:

  • Improvement in community engagement in land use planning.
  • Consolidation/further growth of Dalyellup as a district centre and Capel and Boyanup town sites.
  • Consolidation of existing urban and rural residential communities in Gelorup, Peppermint Grove Beach, Stratham and North Boyanup.
  • Protecting our heritage.
  • Expanding employment and tourism opportunities.
  • Protecting environmental and coastal assets.
  • Managing natural resources – like water and strategic minerals.
  • Managing rural and agricultural areas.
  • Protecting the community from natural hazards like bushfire and flooding.
  • Protecting the community from potentially hazardous land use.
  • Protecting and enhancing essential and community infrastructure.
  • Promoting opportunities for young people and seniors.

Why do we need a new scheme?

Our town planning scheme No. 7 was introduced in 1998. Since then, we’ve updated it several times. We conducted a comprehensive review to meet legal requirements.

The new local planning scheme No. 8 will be compliant with new regulations.

This scheme will show existing strategic local and regional planning frameworks. It provides an opportunity to improve planning outcomes and assessment efficiencies.

What's different?

Many of the existing zoning and development controls will be in the new scheme in a different form.

Rezoning Dalyellup

Dalyellup is currently a single urban development zone. In scheme 8, Dalyellup will change to a residential zone with other zones. The new zoning will reflect Dalyellup’s nature and include district centres, public open space and local roads.

Priority agricultural zones

We are proposing a rezoning of agricultural areas. This will increase the focus on agricultural land use rather than allowing a wider range of rural land uses expected in a rural zone.

Mixed-use areas

New mixed-use residential zones to be introduced in the commercial centres of Dalyellup, Boyanup and Capel. This will create sustainable communities by improving the town centre and residential transition. The proposed zone includes several development controls.

Tiny houses

We’ve proposed to include a general development provision which allows ‘Tiny Houses’ under 120m2 in area. This is an experimental form of residential accommodation. The tiny house movement is growing in popularity and could provide convenient/affordable homes for the community.

Ecosystems Management Special Control Area

Including a new special control area that protects environmental diversity. We will identify significant ecosystems and ecological linkages which can be used to regulate land development. This will encompass coastal and river foreshores, wetlands, native forest and bushland and the Whicher Scarp.

Significant trees

The new scheme includes a proposal to develop a Register of Significant Trees. This will provide a list of protected trees/groups – similar to heritage buildings or places. A tree would need to be highly valued by the community, outstanding and valuable for its visual, ecological or historical significance;

Next steps

Our planning team has assessed all of the submissions made and Council approved the final Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme 8 subject to modifications at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 30th March 2022. You can view the agenda here.


The final LPS/Scheme 8 has now been submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Minister for Planning for approval, which is expected by the end of the year.