Local Planning Schemes

A Local Planning Scheme is the main tool for achieving a local government’s aims and objectives with respect to the development of its local area. Schemes deal mainly with land use, development control and infrastructure coordination, and are based on the strategic framework established in the supporting local planning strategy and the State Planning Framework.

The Shire currently has two Town Planning Schemes in place:

  • Town Planning Scheme No. 3 (TPS3) which relates only to the northern part of Gelorup and deals with the provision of land for future public use as reserves and with coordinating infrastructure to support development; and
  • Town Planning Scheme No. 7 (TPS7) which is a comprehensive, Shire-wide planning scheme dealing with local reserves, zones and development control.

The Shire is working on a new Local Planning Scheme No.8, to replace the existing Town Planning Scheme No.7. Work commenced in September 2015 and in September 2019, Council resolved to advertise the draft Scheme 8 along with the draft local planning strategy.

Advertising of the draft Local Planning Scheme No.8 for public comment runs from March 2021 to June 2021. You can view the draft Scheme 8 and make a submission via the following link.

Once advertising closes, the Shire will consider all submissions made on the draft Scheme 8 and a modified Scheme 8 will then be presented to Council and the WAPC/Minister for Planning for final approval.

When a change is proposed to a local planning scheme, for example in terms of the zoning of a particular piece of land, it is referred to as a scheme amendment. These changes can be proposed by landowners, State Government agencies or the Shire itself. The decision to initiate a scheme amendment is however at the discretion of the Shire, and once initiated the Shire becomes responsible for progressing a scheme amendment. There are three different types of scheme amendment: basic, standard and complex. The Western Australian Planning Commission has flowcharts which detail the scheme amendment process.