Development assessment is an important way to ensure that the strategic objectives set by Council are achieved through individual planning proposals.

The central document which guides the Shires development assessment process is Town Planning Scheme No.7. Pursuant to the Scheme development assessment seeks to ensure that the eventual built form of the Shire is undertaken is a manner that promote and safeguard the health, safety, economic and general welfare of its inhabitants and conserve the natural environment.

The Scheme sets out the various zones within the Shire, as well as establishing where various types of development and land use can occur. The Scheme also provides specific development standards for particular types of development, and provides the Shire the ability to prepare and adopt Local Planning Policy to deal with more specific matters.

It is recommended that contact is made with the Shire Planning Services Division prior to purchasing land, finalising plans or commenting development. The Shire will endeavour to provide guidance to assist with the assessment process where possible.

Please refer to the following links when making a planning application: