Your property might not have water and sewerage infrastructure. We can help you with your on-site wastewater disposal system.

Onsite disposal systems

You’ll need an onsite wastewater disposal system if your property isn’t connected to water mains. There are a few disposal systems that might suit your needs…

Septic and leach drain systems

You can install a septic tank system to treat and dispose of sewage. They normally consist of a watertight and drainage receptacles – such as leach drains or soak wells.

Secondary treatment systems

Some self-contained electrical treatment systems are already approved for use. These systems treat all household water. Installation of large systems requires assessment and approval.

Alternate treatment systems

Some alternative treatment systems are approved for use by the WA Department of Health. Get in touch with us if your system retains nutrients – we’ll let you know if it meets our requirements.


Greywater systems irrigate your garden with household water (excluding toilet and kitchen sink). Make sure you read the Code of Practice and check your system is approved for use in WA – WA approved systems.

How to apply

You’ll need to complete an application if you want to install a wastewater disposal system on your property.

Here’s how…

1. Complete the application form

Download the application form (PDF 87KB). Get in touch with a member of the health team if you need support.

2. Pay the fee

There’s an upfront cost of $236. This covers the application and permit. You can pay over the phone or in person.


3. Submit your application

You can submit your application in person, by email at info@capel.wa.gov.au or mail PO Box 269 Capel 6271.


Need help?

Contact a member of our health team.