The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect hairdressing salons, beauty salons and skin penetration premises.

The objectives of these inspections are:

  • To ensure the health of the public is protected when they receive treatments or services from a premises;
  • To ensure operators are aware of their obligations to carry out safe, clean and hygienic procedures; and
  • To ensure that the premises where procedures are undertaken comply with the relevant standards.
  • Operators of hairdressing businesses must familiarise themselves with the Hairdressing Establishing Regulations 1972 (available from the State Law Publisher).

Operators of Hairdressing, Beautician and Skin Penetration premises must read Skin Penetration Code of Practice (available from the Department of Health website or the Shire’s Health Services).

If you are considering establishing a hairdressing beautician or skin penetration business in the region, you must first notify Health Services at the Shire of Capel.