Fire & brigades

Bushfires are unpredictable and happen every year. The single biggest killer is indecision.

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Compliance inspections start 1 December

You are responsible for complying with the fire requirements on your property before this date.

Regulated Burn times

Dates subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Start date End date Burning Period Permit
2 Nov 20 14 Dec 20 Restricted Permit required
15 Dec 20 14 Mar 21 Prohibited No burning
15 Mar 21 26 Apr 21 Restricted Permit Required

Property compliance

Bush fire prevention order

You are responsible for complying with the requirements in the Bush Fire Prevention Order (BFPO).

We inspect properties annually to ensure compliance. Inspections commence 1 December.

Preparing for fire season is everyone’s responsibility. Do your part to help reduce the potential spread of bush fire.

Order variations

If you want to carry out alternative measures to protect your property, you must apply for a Bush Fire Order Variation.

This form must be approved by your local Fire Control Officer and submitted to us before 31 October 2020.


We’ve created a list of works contracts for public reference purposes only. Contractors are not employed by or recommended by us

We aren’t responsible for any works carried our if used in a private capacity.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the works meet the standards required under the Bushfire Prevention Order.

Fire control officers

Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Chris Scott | 0408 921 356

Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Murray Scott | 0407 270 023


Boyanup North
Trevor Brockman | 0407 080 925

Boyanup South
Brian Smith| 0427 387 412


Capel Town
Peter Dunlop | 428 122 676

Capel Rural
Neale Scott | 0428 121 222

Dalyellup & Gelorup

Jeff McDougall | 0427 959 830

Graham Briggs | 0427 056 888


Elgin North
Chris Scott | 0408 927 356

Elgin South
Barry Bell | 0427 966 126

Stratham, Stirling & Peppy Beach

Murray Scott | 0407 270 023

Stirling and Peppy Beach
Mark Roberts | 0412 446 516

Stay fire safe

Dangerous bushfires can start anywhere and at any time. It’s important to understand your risks and plan what you’ll do to keep safe when a bushfire threatens your home and family.

1. When will you know to leave?

2. Where will you go?

3. Which way will you go?