Swimming pools, spas and safety

Make sure your pool is safe and compliant.

What you should know

Your pool must be compliant to ensure safety – here’s what you need to know.

Types of pools

A swimming pool or spa is classified as containing 300mm or more of water. This includes inflatable or portable pools.

Dams and ponds are not classed as swimming pools.


You’ll need a building permit to install a pool or spa capable of containing a depth of water of more than 300mm. This includes inflatable and portable pools and safety barriers/fencing.


We inspect propeties with a swimming pool every four years. We’ll let you know when we’re coming to you.

Install and removal

Apply for a permit

You’ll need a permit to install or modify a pool or barrier.

Removing a pool

Let us know if you have removed or decomissioned a pool. Call us an we’ll send a Removal Notification form. Once complete, we’ll conduct a final inspection.

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Inspection dates

Our insepction is based on financial years. Pool inspectors are authorised to enter a property to conduct an inspection under the Building Act 2011.

2020/21 Gelorup

2021/22 Dalyellup – properties with a street name starting with A to L

2022/23 Boyanup, North Boyanup and Dalyellup with a street name starting M to Z

Inspection Fees

We collect fees which are set annualy by the Building Commission.

We are phasing in an annual pool safety fee over the next 4 years.

The first instalment is $14.60. Addinonal fees of $173 may incur if we need to do a follow up inspection (due to non-compliance) – permitted under Building Regulations 2012.