Animals and Pets

Register your pet, find a lost animal or help a native anima register your pet, find a lost animal or help a native animal.

Register your pet

Dogs over three months must be microchipped and registered.

Cats over six months must be registered, microchipped and sterilised.

How to register your pet

1. complete our cat registration or dog registration form
2. pay the fees and charges

3. return form by mail or visit us.

If you need to renew your dog registration click here.

Animals in the pound

Lost and found

We’ll contact you If your pet is microchipped, registered or wearing a collar and identification tag.

My pet is missing

Contact us as soon as possible. We’ll make every effort to reunite you and your pet if they’re picked up by one of our rangers.

I’ve found a dog or cat

Call us and we’ll collect the animal.

If the animal has a tag – you can try to contact the owner directly.

Stray animals

Vets may accept a stray animal and then contact us. Vets are not obliged to accept an animal unless it is injured.

Holding times


We’ll hold a dog for seven days if we can identify an owner. If we can’t identify the owner we’ll hold it for at least 72 hours.


We’ll hold a cat for seven working days if we can identify an owner. If we can’t identify the owner we’ll hold it for three working days.

Unclaimed animals

If the animal is not claimed within these time periods it is then made available for adoption.

Native animals

The Western Ringtail Possum is a
small marsupial which is native to the southwest region of
Western Australia. Living so closely with wildlife offers many
important opportunities to experience nature but can
sometimes cause problems too.

If you’ve found injured wildlife, call the Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055.

The wildlife volunteers can put you in touch with your nearest registered wildlife rehabilitator. They can also:

  • offer advice on sick, injured or displaced native wildlife.
  • refer callers to a wider network of experts for assistance.

They can also provide information on dealing with snakes and stranded whales or dolphins.

The Wildcare helpline cannot attend rescues, assist with non-native or domestic animals.

Contact the RSPCA for emergencies and acts of cruelty.

Other useful information:

Bat Box Construction

Poultry, Bees and other animals

Birds and chickens

If you would like to keep poultry, please consider the impact on surrounding residential and commercial premises, and the welfare of the birds themselves.

Read our information sheet here.


Pests such as foxes and rabbits prey on domestic/farm animals, damage crops and pose a threat to native animals and ecosystems.

Call us if you need support with pest animals.

bees on bee hive


All you need to know about beekeeping within the Shire of Capel.

Read our information sheet here.