Welcome to the Shire of Capel Council


Last night four Councillors were sworn into office at the Shire of Capel during a special meeting of Council.

After the 2021 Local Government Election, Capel Council welcomes three new faces;

Ashley Dillon, Christine Terrantroy and Peter McCleery  were welcomed and  Doug Kitchen was voted back onto Council for a second term in office.

These Councillors will serve alongside Cr Kaara Andrew, Cr David Clews, Cr Sebastian Schiano, Cr Rosina Mogg and Cr Kieran Noonan. Congratulations to all candidates for committing to this important role.


The newly formed Council elected a new President and Deputy President. Cr Doug Kitchen was voted President. Cr Sebastian Schiano was voted Deputy President

President Doug Kitchen thanked fellow Councillors for putting their confidence in him.

“I thank my fellow Councillors for their faith in me and rest assured this is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly.

We now have the leadership within the Shire, as well as an energetic mix of individuals on Council, and I am confident we will serve the community with ratepayers and residents’ best interests at heart. I am passionate about progressing the Shire of Capel as a great place to live, work and visit.

Thank you to members of the community who took the time to vote in the election and extend my appreciation to all the candidates who put their hand up for this important role.

Finally, I extend my gratitude Michael Southwell and Murray Scott. They have made a great contribution to their community”

Gordon MacMile

Chief Executive Officer