Carpark Closure – Peppermint Grove Beach 9 August (3 weeks)

Peppermint Grove Road Foreshore carpark will be closed from the 9 of August for approximately 3 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What will be happening?

Department of Water and Environment (DWER) will be installing two groundwater monitoring bores south of the carpark. The machinery used to drill the bores require a large amount of space, thus the carpark aft the end of Peppermint Grove Foreshore (near the toilets) will be fenced off from the public.

Will the foreshore facilities be open?

Public Toilets and playground will still be available.

How long will the works take?

The works should commence 9 August and finish early September (3 weeks).

Where can I park my car?

There will be a limited amount of verge space for parking, approximately 10 spaces. During this time please be considerate and utilises other carparks for recreational activities when possible

What about the School Bus?

The school bus will still be able to collect children from this location. The Shire has liaised with School Bus Services and they will use the gravel section adjacent to the road reserve (as mapped).

Why is Department of Water & Environment (DWER) doing this?

To improve their understanding of where the seawater interface is and to establish the monitoring infrastructure to be able to monitor any movement in the future.

DWER require this information to enable us to manage our groundwater resources sustainably.

How are the bores installed?

At Peppermint Grove Foreshore DWER plan to install a bore using mud rotary method to about 170 m below ground. Pending the results of this drilling DWER will determine the depth of the shallower bore. If the shallower bore will be less than 70 m deep then a sonic drilling method or a deeper bore using the same mud rotary drilling method.

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