Strategic Community Plan 2021 – 2031

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 25 August 2021 Council resolved to adopt the Shire of Capel Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031

The Shire’s Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is the foundation of the community’s aspirations with the Council’s vision and long term strategy. The content has been sourced through an extensive process of consultation and workshops to evaluate the current concerns and the aspirations of the Shire of Capel community.

The SCP is an informing and guiding framework for the Corporate Business Plan (CBP), Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP), Asset Management Plan (AMP) and Workforce Plan (WFP). These documents are reviewed on an annual basis, guided by the SCP.

The SCP was last reviewed in February 2018. There has been significant change since 2018 including completion of major projects, the introduction of a new Council and President and the broad impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Integral to the development of this Strategic Community Plan has been extensive engagement with the community through a series of workshops, surveys and pop-up consultations held in late 2020.

Please view the Strategic Community Plan Here