Mitigation Activity Fund Grants Program

Mitigation Activity Fund Grants Program


The Western Australian Government has established the Mitigation Activity Fund Grants Program (MAFGP) to reduce bushfire hazards that present a high risk to assets throughout the State.

The program supports Local Governments with endorsed Bushfire Risk Management Plans to treat bushfire risk in their communities on State land that they manage and is a joint program with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

The Shire of Capel has been a successful applicant in the MAFGP and will complete a range of treatments to reduce bushfire risk across our communities until June 2025.

Fire mitigation activities are essential to help prevent the loss of life and property when a catastrophic blaze may break out.


What is a Bushfire Risk?

Bushfire risk can be defined as the chance of a bushfire igniting, spreading and causing damage to the community or the assets they value.


What is a Bushfire Risk Management Plans?

A Bushfire Risk Management Plan is a strategic document developed by local government to facilitate a coordinated approach towards the identification, assessment and treatment of assets exposed to bushfire risk.

The aim of a Bushfire Risk Management Plan is to effectively manage bushfire risk in order to protect people, assets and other things of local value.


What are Bushfire Mitigation Treatments?

Fire has always occurred naturally in the Australian environment, so it is not possible to prevent bushfires occurring entirely. However, measures can be taken to minimise the impacts by reducing the risks that contribute to bushfires.

Bushfire mitigation treatment activities can include;

  • Planned burning to reduce combustible materials in the landscape
  • Mechanical works such as removing dead vegetation, pruning trees and clearing fire access ways.
  • Chemical works including weed control and the removal of non-native species to reduce fuel loads.



Where will Bushfire Treatments be Implemented in Capel?

BRMS ID Treatment Type Primary Asset Name
6283 Mechanical Works Murtin Road, DALYELLUP
6284 Mechanical Works Dalyellup Primary School 14 Hartog Road DALYELLUP
6286 Fire Access Road / Track(s) Dalyellup College DALYELLUP
6288 Mechanical Works Dalyellup College DALYELLUP
6290 Mechanical Works Edwinstone Close x Trent Way DALYELLUP
6349 Mechanical Works Gutmann Pwy x Colonna Street DALYELLUP
6364 Mechanical Works Gutmann Pwy x Naroona Drive DALYELLUP
6448 Mechanical Works Norton Prom x Seque Way DALYELLUP
6468 Mechanical Works Sherwood Drive x Longbow App DALYELLUP
6930 Fire Access Road / Track(s) Frances Road GELORUP
6940 Mechanical Works Hawkins Dr x Tea Tree Pl GELORUP
6949 Mechanical Works Yalinda Dr x Coachwood Way GELORUP
6950 Mechanical Works Yalinda Dr x Coachwood Way GELORUP
7135 Mechanical Works Turner & Greendale Place GELORUP
7136 Mechanical Works Turner & Greendale Place GELORUP
7140 Mechanical Works Brookview Avenue (27-33) GELORUP
7159 Fire Access Road / Track(s) Bussell Hwy x Lakes Rd STRATHAM
7166 Mechanical Works Lang Cove PEPPERMINT GROVE BEACH
7169 Mechanical Works 26 Hayfield Dr PEPPERMINT GROVE BEACH
7171 Mechanical Works Cowrie Ct & View Ct PEPPERMINT GROVE BEACH
7195 Mechanical Works Hawley Pwy x Karda Link CAPEL
7198 Mechanical Works Weld Rd (57-89) CAPEL
7204 Mechanical Works Hayclif Av & Ryelands Dr NORTH BOYANUP
7224 Mechanical Works Trigwell Rd (68-110) & Junction St (25-47) BOYANUP
7225 Mechanical Works Southwest Hwy x Trigwell Rd BOYANUP
7735 Fire Access Road / Track(s) Goodwood Rd (1663 – 1939) CAPEL RIVER


What can I do to help?

Landowners and occupiers are essentially responsible for bushfire treatments implemented on their own land and are obligated to meet the requirements outlined in the Shire’s Bush Fire Mitigation Notice.

It is essential that people living in areas of fire risk fully appreciate the nature of the risk they face and the actions available to them to mitigate that risk.

To find out more about how to prepare your property for bushfires visit the DFES Website

To keep up to date with bushfire warnings and updates during the fire season visit