Coastal Values Survey – What you told us

A coastline with the words, what you told us

Coastal Values Survey – What you told us

We recently asked about how our community enjoys our fantastic coastline. We thank the 383 community members who completed our Coastal Values Survey; telling us what they value about our coastal foreshores, how they use it, where they regularly go and where they experience undesirable behaviour and what we can do to improve our community’s experience.

The Shire will be using this information to inform future coastal management plans, plans for future upgrades of our foreshore infrastructure and the implementation of coastal community safety initiatives.

Of the 383 respondents to the Survey, 46% of people resided in Dalyellup, with the most visiting Peppermint Grove and Forrest Beaches and the Dalyellup Foreshore.

You told us:

  • 71% of respondents visit to swim at the beach, with 63% choosing to relax and 52% are there to walk their dogs.
  • 73% of people visit in the morning, with the largest group of respondents reported visiting the beach ‘about once a week’
  • Positive Aspects: Overwhelming 82% of people who responded listed the natural environment as the most positive aspect of our beaches, followed by 60% of people who value animal friendly beaches
  • Negative Aspects: 34% people ranked substandard toilet facilities as the most negative aspect, followed by graffiti and road access.

Some other comments included:

  • By maintaining basic facilities such as walking tracks and stairs you allow the beauty of the environment to shine.
  • Additional footpaths needed.
  • Improve infrastructure and maintain beach access ramp, decent facilities.
  • Improve the 4×4 access.
  • Provide opportunities for vendors to set up bars, restaurants or cafes overlooking the beach.
  • Accessible options for people with disability
  • Parking with a horse float when there are multiple visitors to the horse beach.

Thanks again to all those who completed the Survey.  The Shire will keep the community informed as we use this valuable information in our future planning and service delivery.