The Bunbury Outer Ring Road (BORR), a project initiated and managed by Main Roads WA, is currently underway.

The delivery of the BORR will result in a number of existing local roads that will require cessation, re-named, re-numbered, or new local roads being constructed in Gelorup.

To consider new names of roads affected by the Bunbury Outer Ring Road, recommendations need to be developed in consultation with the community on:

  • Names of two completely new roads and six new portions of roads
  • Names for a residual section of two roads to be partially closed (Lakes Rd + Hasties Rd)
  • Names for two sections of Ducane Road following severance by the BORR

We have started the consultation process with directly affected residents, and we invite you to provide feedback on any of the proposed changes suggested.

Hard copies are also available at the Shire Administration Building and Libraries.

Consultation closes 31st October 2022.